Freitag, November 18, 2011

Watching Psaro...

Team Aleph doing great in the Match Racing going from win to win but now this last race against Artemis was abonnded. Aleph had worked their way nicely into the front after having taken a pennalty. They were nearly qualified into the Quarter Final in San Diego but now they have to start the race again. Sofar good job by Pennec and Moth sailor Arnaud Psarofaghis (wing trimmer) and the French team with a comeback from behind. Back to the race. 5 min to the start.

Montag, Oktober 10, 2011

Moth Racing last Weekend

Great Racing Saturday and Sunday here in Schleswig on the Schlei-Fjord.

A picture can say more than a thousand words. Have a look at: Pictures taken by Andreas

Pictures 1-20 taken in the strong breeze on Saturday.
Pictures 21-48 from the Sunday. The morning started with only 5°C. We did sail on the "inner Schlei" and the weather got better and better by the hour. These pictures are courtesy by Andreas B.

Pictures courtesy by Michael von F.: Pictures taken by Michael

My German readers will find a great report & video, contributed by Andreas at: Segelreporter

Mittwoch, September 28, 2011

Cheaper and faster?

For the few followers of my blog, who are not regular Scuttlebutt readers, here is a direct link to an interesting Moth article which in most cases puts together the development in national fleets and how to do better. State of the Class in the USA

An interesting option for a good Euro winter training & racing -bar travelling to the Mar Menor- is the Miami proposal. 45 Moth boxes into one 40´Container. Yeah, it´s about time to make plans.

Freitag, September 23, 2011

On the road...

Last weekend we took the two boats to Ratzeburg, some 140km east from our home. 7 Moths attended the races over the weekend. It was a first for the club but with Sven K, known to most international Mothies as the "fast German", it was easy for him to get an alternative in his homeclub for a cancelled regatta in Goldberg. The wind was cooperating only with the local, Sven foiled most of the time, whilst myself and others did a lot of low riding in between moments of good breeze.

The Ratzeburg fleet, namely Jens S. had prepared really nice prices for the price giving which was held on the Sunday after we had decided, due to lack of wind, to call it a day. Sven won, me second, Kerstin and Jens on equal points and count back in third place, Helmuth fourth and newcomer Merlin in fifth. Hans from Denmark with his new Mach 2 was not able to compete on Saturday, due to his cambers jumping off anytime he righted the boat. He was really frustrated. He had bought a M2 with all options from England but it looked like the previous owner and never been out on the water, just tinkering with the boat and putting on many gimmicks. The camber thing was corrected in the evening and the boat was stripped from a few unnecessary ropes to make it more easy to sail for Hans. To correct the sail setting, we used my last spacers... Felix did you order a hundred as promised???

Tomorrow we are sailing the "blue ribbon" with some kids from our youth group on the 36db. I had some divers in today to clean the bottom and took away a lot of weight. All the cruising gimmicks, Sprayhood, second anchor, chain, carpets, cushions, and all the wine. I prepared the carbon racing jib and we will see how she goes within her Yardstick group. Really looking forward to a last sunny day on the "big boat" with nice breeze. After that, she´ll be readied for winter storage.

Mittwoch, August 31, 2011

Zhik Moth German Open

A great championship with participants from Denmark, Holland, Sweden and of course all the German Top Guns had been sailed between 26th of Aug until Sunday 28th. 10 races in three days at a mostly very windy venue. The PRO was not shy to lay a long course over the lake and mixed the program up with a number of different rounds to be sailed. Anja, of Mottenfieber Sailing TV fame, has again taken great shots and survived 3 windy days on a pram to bring some of the action straight into our homes. In the name of all participants, Anja: Thank you very much.

Look for the Friday and Saturday races no further than here:
Zhik Moth German Open at Lake Wittensee, Friday/Saturday

Look for the very windy (gusts up to 25kn) Sunday fotos here:
Wittensee, the windy Sunday

And look for the attending persons during the price giving here:
German Open, Price Giving

Again, my sincere thanks to Anja. She is a real class act.

Foto courtesy: Anja R.

Donnerstag, August 25, 2011

Sailracing or not?

Last weekend had been full on with racing though I thought. And I tried to be mentally prepared. One of the local clubs held their annual regatta and there had been a start for the dinghies. I was going to start in the Moth and my YS was set on the A-Cat Class number of YS 76. Not that I cared about it. I was happy to have a race to compete without packing and traveling far. Went out to practice on Friday but it had been a bit breezy and after a capsize fest together with a 29er and some Lasers, who all went into the "drink" at certain times, when strong gusts from the East came through, I skipped sailing and left the energy for the next day.

Next morning the wind had not eased much but it all looked good. Somehow the race committee had their own way of giving signals and as they never took "P" down, I missed the start by 30 seconds. Climbed back and lead at the weather mark right in the middle of the keel yachts, which had started 5 minutes earlier. Made a mistake (capsized) in front of the mark due to giving right of way and than bore off to a great downwind run. Tried to figure out how to best attack the "narrow path" as the water was very low and the sandbanks nearly looked through. Therefore no way of foiling over them. All of a sudden I hit, or better, something hit me underwater. Turned the boat over to inspect the foils but all looked OK.

Righting the boat was OK but starting it, was difficult. A lot of times I buried the bow and kind of cartwheeled whilst bearing away. Not funny. In hindsight I think, it had ben the eased vang and the outhaul. Note to myself: pull tight after capsizing in a breeze. The swimming and all took much of my energy and I still feared some damage. Next Moth race is ahead next weekend and I want my boat to be in the best possible condition. I sailed the boat home without making it around the course. Fastest boat on the course had been the Melges 24 followed by a windsurfer. Claus, who is more than 70 years of age and spending every wintertime windsurfing at the Mar Menor from Camping La Manga. A great role model. He used a modern raceboard and I think 9 qm of sail. The participating cats ended up in the back with a lot of capsizing. The only Laser who finished, came back "home" late in the evening. The party was on in the Fahrdorfer Segel Club vis á vis from were we live. We took our 36db to cross the water and take part in the festivities. During the trip back in the pitch black night (not really, the town was lighted) K. and I decided that we take "Samantha" and do the Sunday race doublehanded.

So we did. But first we had to wash the boat and to get rid of all the spiders and dirt which had aggregated due to the long time being without moving from the berth. We had a good start, being more familiar with the signals in very, very light air. Code Zero or jib had been the question before the start but the small wind shift two minutes into the start left no option and upwind we tacked with jib. Only the Melges pulled slowly away from us and extended after rounding the weather mark for a long reach. We hoisted our 0.5oz "Whomper" which I had purchased as a used sail from a Mumm 36 about 15 years ago. What a great sail this spinnaker still is. Two reaches and we had sailed away from the X-79´s an Luffe´s and other keelyachts. Just the Melges in front. I was surprised as with the boat only being used occasionally this summer it still was slippery throught the water. No underwater species to see. Anchor and chain in the front locker and some water in the tank. Normally on race day this would not have been our style. But this was a sunny Sunday. And it was a real pleasure to sail the boat. On the second round we were nearly passed by Andreas and his X-79 team but with a good mark rounding an a beat in the light wind (no ripples on the water) saw us in front at the last weather mark. Due to the very light, drifter like conditions, we did not hoist a different headsail, instead kept our cool and sailed away again from the fleet, which had caught up on the last leg and desperately tried spinnakers and other combinations to catch up with us. To much tumult on their foredecks and just not enough breeze to fill a 0,75oz spinnaker.

Looking forward to the upcoming weekend, when we will be sailing our "Zhik Moth German Open 2011". K. will take part in her first Moth regatta with her M2 "Goldfisch". Three Moth women have signed in. Participants from Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands will come to sail 3 days at Lake Wittensee. Weather forecast looks good. Again our president Carlo has found great sponsorship and the food and party will be as good as at the Europeans this year. If you can manage a last minute entry, you are welcome. Look for details at the German Moth Homepage:

Mittwoch, August 24, 2011

Great Live Pictures from Cartagena

The first Audi Med Cup race in Cartagena Spain will start soon. The boats are leaving the dock. All live on at:: audimedcuptv

During Moth Fest we took the chance to go sightseeing in Cartagena and it was worth the trip. An interesting town with some roman history. Great to see again (on my screen) the port, the cruise ship at the dock and hopefully in abt. 30 - 45 minutes some great racing from the TP52´s. The camera was just featuring CONTAINER when she left the dock. Wishing them and also the other "German" boat, AUDI ALL FOR ONE with Jochen Schümann as skipper/helm all the best. Good luck and Smooth Sailing!

Donnerstag, August 18, 2011

Campione, the Formula 40 and other Memories

There is all this talk about Campione, Lake Garda within the Moth enthusiasts at present. Carlo will take part in the Italian Championship coming weekend and I am envious about it. Campione is one of my favorite places though I do not know how it looks like today. But the mention of this special place brought back some incredible memories and soul searching. Many years ago I had spend time there with my Bavarian friend Konny to train on our DIV II boards. (good ´ol times) Later through the years, I had done trips with K. and our two singlehand dinghies and we had taken the Bull down there for some speed blasting with Gennaker in the Ora. It had always been very enjoyable. I remember one great summer when friends and I drove down there for a couple of practice sessions with the Formula 40 Cat "Double Trouble". See the photo. It had been owned by a windsurfer friend who started to get into sailing. He had built it from scratch himself and whilst on a windsurf holiday in the Canaries (Gran Canaria) he had asked me if I could help with materials for building the craft, with organizing a rig and to find some crew for sailing. I helped him to get a used "Fleury Michon" rig when the French F40 team had decided to up their 22m mast for a 24m and we also got their nearly new sails etc. This was really different sailing other than my IMS sailing in those years and I much enjoyed our sessions. The loads on the F40 boat were massive. Grinding the mainsail up (with flaps on the mast) took already two man, two winches. I was helming the boat as the owner had never had helmed a boat before. He was an enthusiastic windsurfer, though the waves in Pozo were a bit much for him. Due to costs and other reasons we did not manage to take part in the planned Formula 40 events at Lake Garda and Eckernförde (where later "Full Pelt", the trimaran, helmed by Joe Richards, capsized). Those were the days!

Anyway, the 1400 km trip to Campione is too long for me for this weekend trip. The weekend after we are already sailing the German Moth Class Championship. Our Swedish and Danish friends have already committed to be on the start line. What about the Dutchies and Giovanni from Belgium. I had better do some practice on my home water. Working out the best (if I would ever know) set up. In the meantime the Wednesday night races have started and I should have sailed on a M24 which would have been nice but this week there were family commitments. But besides this, there are a couple of events coming up with different boats to take part in. It is always in autumn, when I get busy with the sailing because the usual 6 month of "Wintertime", which normally only allows for two month of iceboating, is way too long to stay away from the sport. Or shall I turn back the clock some years and take the 2.55m Litewave windsurfer from it´s shelf, still in it´s flight bag, to go windsurfing in Pozo or Maspalomas as I did for many, many years with my KAFC friends until the last years when it was only me, shredding some waves. Where are you today, guys?

Pic 1 "Double Trouble" at Lake Garda with me at the helm. Photocredit: ES
Pic 2 Loaded for the trips to Campione. Same place for a tank stop but different years. Photocredit: myself

Mittwoch, August 17, 2011

What is coming next after the great MOTH Euro?

It had been a great week in Travemünde though not sailing wise for me. In hindsight one always thinks that he could have done better but having been on the water on Tuesday, with 4 races being scheduled, the wind howling and the waves getting bigger the more outside of the harbor I sailed, I had to rethink my DNF and DNC´s a couple times. Actually i did not even start the first race as I had capsized my boat on purpose before the race in order not to run against a big police boat which was lying square in my course on a first downwind trial run. I needed about 30° left and right to stay upright, to steer the waves and all was fine and I had been motivated until the moment when I decided to better capzise instead of running into this blue/grey police boat not knowing if it was moving forth or back. Something must have gone mentally wrong, I still do not know what. The result: I decided to skip it for the day and not doing the races. My inner will had been broken somehow. Sailing back to the shore was not a problem at all. I shortened the wand and I was sailing around 18-20kn downwind home without problems. Due to strong gusts I had a bad entry into the steep shoreline and had to swim and to push the boat until I had ground under my feet. That gave me the rest and I did not want to go out again.

On the last day with a good breeze around 5 Bft and waves, I felt comfortable and started to gain places in the group around me. All of a sudden, I lost height. Could not sail as close to the wind as my fellow Moth friends, Harald and Carlo. I discovered that the rig had come loose. The pin on the mastfoot had grounded itself inside the plastic by 6 cm. No way to keep on sailing as it could have done more damage to my boat. I sailed back to the shore and started packing up and washing down the boat before everybody else arrived. Not good moments these two afternoons spend on the shore when most everybody was outside having a great time foiling. Anyway this is past me now and after Travemünde, I think we only had rainy days here in the North of Germany and except one afternoon sailing it only got better yesterday afternoon and I went out for an hour. Have to practice for the upcoming German Moth Championship on the lake Wittensee. Promised K. some hours to train with her or to give advise from the RIB. Will see how that goes. We are both looking forward to take part in the regatta, alone packing up the two MACH2´s on the trailer and towing them with our van to the site will be enjoyable. If I manage to get them on the trailer without dismantling them, I will publish a photo right here.

Freitag, August 05, 2011

Improve your German language...

The latest German Moth Newsletter, called "Der Falter" is out for easy download. Many thanks to Nina for all the work she has done and the incredible improvement to have it in color. Der Falter

Hope to see all you Scandinavians and Dutch friends on the annual German Moth Championship on Lake Wittensee, near Kiel. A great location usually prefered by Int 14s and the 505 class. Look out for the Invitation and program, coming out soon, on the German Moth Site

Sonntag, Juli 31, 2011

It could not be said much better...

Due to family commitments, I am just not able to put together a report about the last great day on the water and the festivities put on by the German fleet for the price giving and the final diner in the Moth Hangar. Maybe I get something together later but for now, lets speak Mike C. who must be a happy man with the final results of the Team Ninja. Follow this link: Cookies report about day 4 & 5

Freitag, Juli 29, 2011

No races during the Day, but...

Dash for cash: 1st Philipp Käsermann SUI, 2nd Matthias Renker SUI, 3rd Markus Steeg GER
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Donnerstag, Juli 28, 2011

The Ninja Days

Been busy with boat and entertainment prep and already this morning with tinkering on the boat to find a little bit more speed.

For updates you do not need to go any further as to: bristol-moths. Mike Cook, despite some mishapes during the windy day managed some great reporting. It is Markus on his MACH2 , who is matching with the Ninja´s and the open competition is enjoyed by everyone. Look for the results sheet at: Ergebnisse nach 8 Wettfahrten

Believe me, I am fighting to not become last in this tough competition with everyone having real good boat handling and course management. Gone are the days of Moth´s capsizing all over the course.

UPDATE: 3 races yesterday in marginal conditions (70% lowriding) for me and some others. NEvetheless we had good racing at the end of the fleet. Adjustments have to be corrected on some of the boats and there is lots going on in Camp Moth at present. It had been a day for the under 72 kg guys and gals.

Dienstag, Juli 26, 2011

What a great day, sunny and windy!

Yeah Alan, your wish came true. Wind and sun in Travemünde for the day....and maybe tomorrow as well.

We got held ashore until 14.00h when the announcement came via the public system that the first starting signal (all classes) will be at 15.25h. A bit if a surprise here in the "Kuhle" as the wind just does not come in. A look outside surprised many of us. Great seabreeze from the North/East. I had been nearly first on the beach but after forgetting my "Sign out" and a long way to the board to do, my time buffer was gone. Nearly last out on the water and a great upwind sail to the starting area. It was easy to sail upwind so I ended high above the line and realized some problems going down. No, not of technical nature, just the mind set and the inability to just "send it". I nearly ran down a Police boat, lying square in my course as I ran out of option staying on foils and I splashed badly. I gave it one or two more tries but my mind had already decided to hot the road for home. The waves had been builded up too much for me. The wind was just perfect 15 kn but the rollers from the North knocked my will, of staying out and racing, down.

I sailed home which was not bad and maybe you know the feeling after such a day. Everybody has a smile and some great stories to tell about wave height, max speed, great starts etc.Some had to hit the shore early but the majority of the fleet "must have" sailed three races. The list is not out yet, maybe later at: http://travemuender-woche.resultsl

The full stories of the day on the water, Ihave no doubt, will be on Cookies blog: The Brits put in some great results and they shall speak for themselves. Look at: bristol-moth blog, The Ninjas.

Before I forget: What a great demonstrations some Germans, Brits and Swiss sailors were putting in after the races, right in front of the "public meile" on the Trave, opposite the "PASSAT". Flying tacks!!, gybes, criss crossing like a Moth swarm. One swiss sailor got applauded loud from hundreds of people for showing a "running on water" stunt. Simon and Bora style. Impressive. The whole thing had been moderated from Gerd Girschkowsky, who is famous here in the North for good and fair sports reports. He was on top of the job. Thanks Gerd.

Pictures from Anja, will be out later on the Nordea Moth European 2011 site at:

Montag, Juli 25, 2011

A lot of trying but just one success

After the pouring rain had gone and the Moth Sailors woke up at a cloudy but dry morning, it was first for the Moth Camp for a great breakfast provided by the German Team. The first start had been announced as per the program at 11.00h flat. And that is what happened, despite a few sailors did not reach the starting line in time. It was not only me and to start the competition with 3 letters is not really a good idea. But like the wind disappeared for the back end of the fleet on the way to the race course, it did also in the first race. Marginal foiling condition and than suddenly none. The race was abonded. When the light weight sailors, under 70kgs started foiling forth and back at the race committee, the PRO called for another start. The first eight sailors from the list managed 3 laps, the rest of the fleet had been counted Grand Prix style. It was Chris Rashley in first, JA
Jason Belben second, Mike Cook, Ben Paton and in 5th Emma Aspington. Full results should be on the dedicated homepage.

The fleet was moving slowly back to the base after the first race. Most sailors were freezing and the light conditions did not help. The sky cleared partly and at 15.15h flatt the German PRO, Rallle Meyer called for another start. The line was not biased and the fleet produced a foiling early start and had to be called back. Second start was OK but the sound signal for a delay was overlaid by the horn from a big freighter in the background. Some sailors, like me, had a good fight low riding. Emma was flying forth and back but was not gaining much on the Lowriders. I had the race of my life, beating Harald to the post errg weather mark but when we came back to the start/finish line, nearly everybody was already there. We had not discovered that there was no race because 3 seconds before the starting signal, theres was another horn and a flag. Bad when you are staring at the pin end, fully concentrated on the competition and a clean start.

More drifting and a nerve wrecking last end of the home race. Barely not wind and the water felt even more cold when we had to jump into the drink to get our boats ashore.

Not much time left for packing up the boat and for a good shower as we had the official invitation from the organizers for an evening out on the tall ship "Passat" including food and drinks. Weather forecast for tomorrow is mostly sunny and maybe good thermal breeze in the late afternoon. Let´s see what happens.

Sonntag, Juli 24, 2011

No change of action in T´muende

Sitting here in my Van in the late afternoon rain, I am reading about a great report about a trip through the sunny Med. Keeps me warm: medcrossing in a 'Mini 6.50´ This guy has a very fresh and subjective look at things. Read some of his older posts.

If you want to keep up with the Moth action at the Nordea Moth Europeans 2011 and want to get some more inside info, go to: bristol-moths.

Foto is taken straight out of the window of the Van and shows camp Moth in the "Kuhle".

Raining in Travemünde

Good Morning from Team "Kuhle", Travemünde. Ir is raining again this morning and the weather forceast is not promissing. Just heard it on the radio. Wind regularly Force 6 gusting to Bft 8 from the South-West. The "Dash for Cash" yesterday evening had to be cancelled and it is now put forward to Tuesday. Yesterday there had been 3 or 4 Mothies outside the breakwater practicing and they came back with a smile. Flat water and Force 5 outside. Our Australian friend sailed out late and I saw him doing a stunt which I would not recommend. Crossing the fairway was necessary but than crossing _in front_ of a medium size ship after a jibe was not really necessary. These big ship cannot move a centimeter and we should all be crossing behind ships.

At the skippers meeting today it had been announced that there is no practice race today due to wind gusting from 25to 35 through the afternoon. Even the Offshore racing had been cancelled. During a very warm welcome speech from German class president Carlo Mäge, it had been made public to the participants and the organizing committee, that there is a "freebe" party or dinner or BBQ every evening with drinks and food in the Moth-hall or one evening on the Tallship "PASSAT". Already this morning breakfast had been served, though the person in charge could not come today but Nina and Markus were always present and organized everything very nicely. It came in very handy for most of the sailors who are living in tents.

Over and out from Travemuende

Mittwoch, Juli 13, 2011


The pleasure of cruising had nearly been forgotten because all I wanted to do is sailing the Moth. This had been a bit disturbing and I had used a couple of different excuses to myself and to the family about not going to sea. And when I could not manage to get the hours in the Moth which I had planned for, I thought it would be better to spend last week with the family. Going cruising in the Baltic sea. It was very enjoyable and I should have kept on sailing until the EURO starts but instead the office was calling and that is why I am back at the screen now. Oh, there was some Moth talk underway. Met Felix after such a long time and tried to convince him to come back into the class. He still has the BR from former World Champion John Harris which he takes out in Berlin from time to time. It is pimped with the Holyrod rudder, as he told me.

We had not looked on the weather map one day, and it happened that we cruised around (with stops, see map) around the island of Als with only headwinds. But our boat is really going well and I can sit on ends going upwind, squeezing out a tenth of a knot more and a degree higher and it all takes place around the 6-7kn speed range. Not impressive for the Moth high flyers but totally absorbing the outside world. Real holiday. Now a week and a half and maybe some tinkering on the MACH2 3835 and I will be in Travemünde to sail in the Moth EURO. My KAFC friends should come and join the class at the CTM BBQ on Wednesday and talk their way into the most exciting boat class in the present.

Mittwoch, Juni 29, 2011

Whovever has written this shite, he/she is right!

Some marketing guru must have written this article, taken from the SA frontpage today: Sailing Anarchy Frontpage and except of the thoughts about going back into motorbikes (did ride earlier in my life) I can find myself in it. Especially as I am of that "certain age" group which is being mentioned. I had the pleasure to go out already two evenings this week from about 7pm- till 9pm in a good 12-15 kn breeze and it gave me everything I needed to clear my mind and to be one with the boat in these difficult commercial times. I even managed a foiling jibe though I did not feel ten foot higher afterwards and did not celebrate as the manouver must have looked a bit rough and not as elegant as the great masters in the class are circling it into the water. It is just difficult to train an old dog a new trick but I feel, that I am getting there. And isn´t the "journey the reward"? Certainly for me. Thanks SailingAnarchy for bringing this up and spicing my day.


Born Again

There sometimes comes a time in sailor’s life where things need to change. Where we wind up searching for something else to keep our passion flowing.

Remember when you were a kid? You were first to the newsstand to get the new sailing magazine, and you read it cover to cover? Eventually, that puppy-like enthusiasm wanes, and you drift away to other activities, where, in tackling something new, you once again experience that same excitement of childlike learning.

For most sailors, this means golf. Which is a shame, golf being possibly the only sport more boring to do than it is to watch. But if you don’t like golf, there are few other pastimes that a racetrack refugee can try. The possible exception is motorcycling, man’s greatest expression of freedom where you can look bad-ass, even if underneath your helmet you are a financial controller with thinning hair. But you can travel, experience the oneness of man and machine, and leave your troubles geographically behind as you yank open the throttle. But where to go? That dream of oiled girls flick-flacking down the bar as your bike pinks outside is just a dream, and if you do manage to find a place like that, then good luck, keep it a secret and don’t come back.

But if you don’t, what’s there to be done? Well there is something, my friends, something that combines the technical nature of golf with the desirability of gold and lets you ride out like McQueen on any Sunday.

And that’s Moth sailing. And you can do it and I can do it in the same way we can ride a motorcycle or hit a golf ball.

More and more sailors have discovered that Moth sailing is the place to go to get fired up once again. Unique enjoyment in a boat which is just as much fun to cruise around on as it is to race, a boat that only weighs 65lbs all up, where the mastering of a foiling gybe makes you feel ten foot tall and is significant enough to celebrate afterwards. Where, after many, many years, your childhood dream of flying finally comes true.

Right now there will be a sailor rigging a Moth, heart beating a little faster than usual in anticipation of that stunning acceleration and the deafening silence of flight. His polished black carbon boat is gorgeous, people comment on it and he replies with a brief explanation of how it works, but it is brief and that’s because this is his time, and the newness of sailing is back!

On the water and in the right conditions he will be doing some 12-17 knots upwind and cruising in the mid to late twenties downwind. Sure he falls off, but progress is good, the boat is a nautical gym and so he’s getting a good work out too, and all those years of sailing aren’t wasted, in fact they help.

You should be this guy (or girl)! It may seem difficult, but everyone who’s tried agrees that its not nearly as hard as it looks – it’s the class’s biggest secret. Furthermore, when you buy a Moth you are joining a very helpful club full of support and encouragement from both association and manufacturer alike.

In a short space of time, the Mach2 Moth has sold well over 200 boats, and while you may think they all go to the young guns and the rock stars on YouTube, you’d be wrong! A great deal of customers are sailors of “a certain age” who want, with the time they have available, to sail the most exciting boat on the market today. Blessed with Harley Davidson-like residual values, the boats cost a lot less than you think and a good few seasons’ sailing can be had for not very much money.

Yet we all like a holiday, so why not pack up your boat and travel? Events exist in locations to die for. Italy, anyone? Oh, the Cappuccino culture would fit in very well with a couple of afternoon races on Lake Garda, especially if you take the family. Or maybe Hawaii is a better fit for you, where the 2013 Worlds are rumored to be? And the boat can go on the plane with you!

Off the water, I’m afraid you will be online late into the night learning from the blogs and forums of the mothosphere, with that same exhuberance that you once hit the glossy magazines. So you may soon need reading glasses, but it’s a small price to pay to master an 11-foot nautical combination between a motorcycle and an airplane.

Interested in learning a little more? Check out the new Mach2 Moth USA site for all kinds of great info today, or hit up East Coast Mach 2 Dealer Anthony Kotoun here. Photo of Anfernee by the excellent Amory Ross.

Photo: Me and my Moth. Photo credit goes to Alan Hillman at pro-vela Moth Sailing School

Mittwoch, Juni 22, 2011

Hej, I am a father and this one really touched me...

I will not take the honor away from SA who brought this up on their frontpage. But I know that not everyone checks in at SA every day or even has it on his favorites. I got my eyes wet this morning, reading this story. Good for a clear view. Read yourself this amazing story. Great Opti story from the SA forum

And I will keep my eyes open for the kids in the club coming weekend when we are running the yearly regional Opti regatta with all the parents and helpers from the little sailing club here in Schleswig. And I can give back for all the help the juniors are giving me when running our Moth regattas in spring and autumn. It would not be possible without the Lüttsegler team in the HSVS.

Photocredit goes to the great photographer from Argentine, Mr. Capizzano

Montag, Juni 20, 2011

Three is a Moth Nest

We had Carlo up here in the North and I think that three Moths are already giving the impression of having a little nest. Some great sessions on the water and a lot of tinkering on the boats had been done last week. Sunday, Carlo was pushing for another session in abt. 15-20kn of wind but horrendous rain from time to time. But it made the water fairly smooth and we did some speed runs. I got used to be above 20kn quickly and launched it up to 23.9 whilst Carlo managed for a short period 26kn. We had downloaded his tracks from the Speed Puck to my Mac but we failed to download from the SC1 which I am using. Must "steal" K´s Speed Puck next time as I am not even able to take a shot of the max speed this morning from the SC1.

I was thinking about how big the difference is between 23 and 28kn, the speed which our friends Harald and Markus released recently. For me this is a very big gap and if will need some "balls of steel" and longer lasting gusts in the 25+ kn wind range. And yes, I was using the orange MSL10 and the soft mast which is a combination that feels good to me in stronger wind. The day yesterday definitely brought the fun of Moth sailing back to me which had been lost a bit due to much necessary work on our two boats to have them shipshape at all time. For example the #3627 "broke" it´s boomvang strap for the third time. I know it was my bad as I did the splicing. Glad to have Carlo taken over the job at last and it will hold together, I am sure.

One thing is puzzling me these days: It is Kieler Woche Kieler Woche 2011 results and I am not being tempted to be there. After 28 years of participations in FD, H-Boat, IMS, the interest has faded away and I am at present totally happy to spend short periods out on the Moth on the Schlei or going to our local races.

The next two weekends are being spend with and for the Youth in our small community and sailing club, the HSVS. See also the homepage from the youth group, the Lüttsegler: Lüttsegler Homepage HSVS Coming weekend we are organizing the yearly Optimist-Liga regatta, were also Europe´s and Teeny´s will take part and the weekend after we will cruise/race with a 36´and a 39´footer down the Fjord to a place which cannot be reached by cars. Overnight will be spend in tents and we will have a great BBQ and singing some shanties.

Freitag, Juni 10, 2011

Am I standing still?

Lot´s of things have happened since my last post here. E.g. I had taken part in the pro-vela Moth Fest and maybe I have not reported because I could not find any good photo (of myself) anywhere. So there would have been a lack of evidence. But it is OK, I give you a great shot of Harald, who flies high on his DIY Moth. He even had build the foils by himself. And though there shinned a little bit of jealousy through one particular post after Moth Fest about Harald "winning" the KA sponsored MSL 13 sail, I think he deserved it. Anyway, I will not mention the war, Moth Fest was a big event with 40 participants, with WAG´s and Kids and some great sailing in good atmosphere. At the last weekend, there had been an official regatta and if you like to read more about it, there is a report in German language at:

After Moth Fest a lot of tinkering on the MACH2 boats # 3627 and # 3835. Simon P. brought me back on the water quickly with a split second decision for a warranty part. Thanks for that one. Went out on the water a couple of times. Even possible one afternoon together with K. with our two boats. Great fun but my rope splice for the bottom boomvang rope gave up and she had to come in early. Bloody me. With new Marlow ropes (not available in Schleswig) from Peter B. it was no problem to do a better one this time and hopefully we will have more time to spend on the water together with the two Moths.

Yesterday I had a sailing session in abt. 15-20kn gusting. The 29ers out did a lot of capsizing and so did I. Nearly every gybe went wrong and I ended up in the brink. Is it because I am way too focused on the instructions and after being able to follow them around at about 60-70%, I am lacking in the last bit. The most important ones? Weight out on the wing, stable platform, proper steering, sheet control. Yeah, one day.

What gave me inspiration for the headline this time? Yes, it is about the speed which I am not getting out of my boat. Both my Moth friends Markus and Harald, see his post: Harald´s Blog reached 28+kn on the water. Both are using an MSL13 as far as I am informed. I had ideal conditions yesterday with some gusts really taking me down the Fjord but my boat made a lot of noise and never reached more than 20,9 kn/h per 10 sec. average. One should know that I had prepared the foils before with a bit of wet sanding. I had cooked a camber soup the night before and the sail now looks better and the cambers are not dropping off like before. It feels like there is a barrier and I do not think it is in my head as I am so used to do the 18-20 kn/h runs, that I am not scared a bit. Any hints or tips, please leave a comment. All well appreciated.

Looking forward to the visit from Carlo and Gaby next week and maybe having three boats out on the water one afternoon in the "back of my garden"*. Than off to the Moth regatta in Horsens. Søren promising a lot of fun and best weather and flat water in the Horsens Fjord. Let´s see, if Per E. wants to keep the Swedish Moth Girls for himself or if he sends them over to Denmark to play with us. The invitation had been send out.

*In the back of my garden" is a phrase which I am connecting to an early 18 Footer video (way before Youtube times) which I have had on Betamax and which had been shot in Australia. Ian Murray, now connected with the America´s Cup had been the star of the scene and I think he was sailing the Color 7 boat. Good times. The second photo in this entry shows "bottom of the garden" sailing as per today in Schleswig. Photocredit to Randolf Teppner.

Donnerstag, Mai 12, 2011

Three Mothies on a Melges 24

No, no, we do not want to compete with Bora, who actually wants to become the World Champion 2011 in the Melges 24 class in the windy Corpus Christi of USA this year. At least what I interpreted from reading some sailing sites.

We sailed the beer-can-race on Wednesday night in a boat, borrowed to me by my friend Jürgen, who took the pain to put his boat "Henry Lloyd" into water, but than he had to travel home for abt 120km for a business date, fixed some time ago. It was the start of the season. So it was me to search for crew in the last minute and I checked in with Markus and Nina, who were still around in the area for some Moth sailing and testing some lakes for our upcoming Moth training camp. One of Jürgen´s crew joined us and off we sailed, racing against the clock (Yardstick) and boats like the X-99, X-34, X-79´s, H-Boats, etc. Not a big deal, we rounded the weather mark in third behind bigger boats and with Markus experience on the G-sail from his 49er campaign, we VMG´ed fast to the leeward mark. It was all fun and a good evening sail. The air was warm and we were in good company. As the three Mothies of us are usually singlehanders, everyone had a turn on the tiller. Nina found it a bit awkward that the boat heeled to leeward after she had trained hard for windward heel under the auspices of Markus. Yes, and the mainsail did not look as nice as a cambered KA moth sail does. And with a bit of lead on the bottom, it won´t fly.

As nobody took photos from the Wednesday night regatta, I´ll post here the winner of our Moth event, Markus. He is just rounding the leeward mark. You can see the Schleswig Dom in the background and the old town, the Fisherman´s village is to the right. Photo courtesy by Anja Rupp.

Mittwoch, Mai 11, 2011

If you have time to waste...

From the last weekend regatta, the "Carbon- Motte". Anja just published hers and other photographers photos on Picasa. There are some great shots and the winner in posing is again Hannes. What is it, that makes him always looking smart on the photos. If you see him foiling and being so relaxed on his Bladerider, don´t you think, you also want one? Anyone looking out for a used boat to start with, here is a linky: Used Moths for sale

And if you have time to waste, have a look here:

87 photos from Anja on: Anja´s Photos
92 photos from Randolf: Randolf´s Photos
49 photos from Andri: Andri´s Photos

Thank you Anja for all your great work for the Moth Class. Thank you again to all participants and especially for all those who helped us with all sorts of things, hands on, to make this a great event. A truly regatta from sailors for sailors. Hope to see you all again in October and I can promise you already now: a "Sauna on the beach".

Montag, Mai 09, 2011

Demolition Derby and than you need service...

What a great Moth regatta we had sailed over this past May weekend. Blue sky and the wind was nuking in the 20kn range and gusting up to 25kn with a fair bit of 10° direction changing. 13 Moth sailors from all over Germany participated but the early season and the strong breeze took it´s toll on the boats and on the bodies of the sailors. Only 2 sailors, Markus, GER-3732 and Hannes, GER-3444 survived the 6 races held on Saturday and Sunday. Nothing beats experience and these two great sailors have both a 49er Olympic Campaign behind them with Hannes, together with his brother, taking Bronze in the windy 2008 Quingdao races. You guys done the fleet proud.

Anyway a more complete report and a link to great fotos will follow later. This is about how to fix and how to get spares for our beloved boats. We are in Germany and this is not really Mothland when seen through the eyes of the current bread of highTech boats. So for broken booms, broken tillerarms, for the necessary RHA (ride-height-adjuster) and various other bits and peaces my first choice now, are the people at SailingBits., Australia. Have a look at their website: sailingbits.
They do understand that we do not want to waist our time waiting for answers, waiting for spares, they just do it. They offer at competitive prices, take in the order and the moonies and despatch immediately by courier or fast AUSSIE post. That is what I call great service. For the Newbies in the Moth class, John Harris won 2008 the World Champion (on a Bladerider) so he knows what he is talking about. His winning championship boat is now owned by Felix S. which brings me to say "THANK YOU" to Felix in the name of all the competitors from the "Carbon-Motte" event. Felix donated vouchers, specially for this event through his company:, who are supplying clothes and other sailing related gear. I would say: For sailors body and soul requirements, first have a look at the alendrashop Felix text message to me, that I should hand out one voucher for every competitor, came a bit late and therefore we only issued 3 vouchers, polite as we are. Maybe I can take his word and use ALENDRA again next time at the autumn event or at Lake Goldberg, when the next regatta, sponsored by CTM will take place. Please feel free to leave your "mark" on the Facebook site if you like it.

Full results list from the Carbon-Motte here: German Moth Class and an article SHZ, vom 9.5.2011 about the CTM "Carbon-Motte" was printed in the local newspaper today and can be seen on the German Moth site where a hundred fotos and videos, courtesy by Anja @ will appear soon. Fotos on this blog entry courtesy by Andreas Borrink.

Donnerstag, Mai 05, 2011

Thanks for the inspiration Andrea!

Coming weekend we will sail for the "Carbon-Motte" trophy here in Schleswig, North Germany. We have 15 sailors from Germany and Denmark signed in at the moment and maybe some others will come out of the bushes in the last minute. You never know. The weather only turned into nice and sailable just recently. Before the water had been in the single figure temperature range. You know, this range where the foils loose grip in the water...

I was inspired to produce this challenge trophy after reading Andrea´s blog entry about a Moth-Carbon-Key-Ring. Have a look yourself at: carbon-fiber-key-ring. The photo is a bit rough, taken on the iPhone and it does not show the fine woven carbon fabric and the 8mm solid carbon plate (infusion technique) from which we milled the Moth. The trophy has to be challenged every year either here on the Schlei, as long as I am able to put my Moth into the water or maybe somewhere else. I am not donating a trophy again in a class with one outstanding sailor (Sven K. in this instance, whom I think would walk away with the trophy after 3 wins in a row) without putting it onto an "endless challenge" Nobody will win it forever. Like one of these great trophies, like the Admiral´s Cup, the Commodore´s Cup, the Roosevelt Cup and many others. It just lacks a bit of height and silver, this Carbon-Moth. But than, is black carbon of today not the silver of yesterday?

On a different note I promised to write about some misshapes on my boat due to my own repairs and some spares which I had used and which did not do the job properly. I have lost a wand in the process, had water in the bow, was fighting with the cambers and slacking hiking straps but now the boat #3627 seems to be in good shape. Thanks to sailingbits and thanks to Amac . Hope everything will work out fine on the weekend and I will not miss the races due to boat problems. Will keep you updated.

Anyone interested in the German press release about the regatta, follow this link: SA-Cup Germany

Montag, Mai 02, 2011

Moth Ramblings...

Reading the latest in the Moth-blog-world by Cookie, I am under the same impression like him, that professionalism must have taken over way too much and has taken time away from fellow mothies which usually they had spent for the blogosshere. Yes, I am missing the ramblings from a few great sailors and especially the comments which are following them usually. I do hope that Simon P. will keep us entertained as well as educated. (What would I have done without his tips about the draining hole positions in the M2. Maybe I would have hacked a draining hole which would: "look like you cut(hacked)that first hole with a wet fish!!!", according to a quote by Marty J in the following blog entry: m-m-m-m-mach2-mod/

And that reminded me about writing about some misshapes or mistakes or misfortunes I had lately after coming back from some great and some not-so-great-sailing in Spain. Don´t get me wrong here, I am not blaming anyone, I am purely blaming the messenger. Where should I start? Maybe a good idea to start with the "finding of the names" session for Kerstin´s GER-3627 (new MSL10 and soft mast) and my new GER-3835 (old MSL13 and stiff mast) Just for the reference, both are M2´s and my Bladerider went to a happy new owner in Holland. Yes, I do not name my DN´s though I have various hulls, I am purely known as G-99 as we are keeping our registration numbers for a life time. Not that I started the DN sailing some 50 years ago, which the number would assume. No, I bought my first boat (a wreck) from a gentleman who decided to retire from the sport and he donated this great number to me. Anyway, I am sometimes a traditionalist and real boats shall have names. I was reminded by one great blog entry (AGAIN!) by Simon P. and I never felt comfortable having a new or used (3627) Moth and not naming it. This we now wanted to change for the two Moth´s and martyred our brains. She came up with the great name ORANGE, as her first Moth (complete different story) which had never been finished by the builder, was supposed to be painted in part orange and some visible clear carbon. Yes, and I came up with the simple solution to name the new one, MOTTE.

Man, we got hammered or verbally beaten by Alan at Pro-Velaonce we mentioned the names in a light evening conversation. He must be an authority in English Yachting rules. Wait for what he has in mind for the upcoming Moth Fest. What a laugh we had that evening, how negative the words sounded when he spoke them out and yes, it began to sink into me that "Agent ORANGE" can be a very bad association. And this in the middle of all the Orange plantations down there in Murcia, Spain. Just think about how these beautiful trees would look like without leafs. And also think about the "all-orange" sail, where the sailmaking people must have understood something wrong from K´s wishes to have some orange applications (reinforcements or such). It must be the language barrier which had played a big part to make a whole sail in orange. It reminds me to the meaning of the "Morning Glory". A great boatname, for a string of successful German Yachts, but a nasty meaning in Aussie slang. Or would you really let the world know you have a: "....". It is the language barrier, I told you. OK, ORANGE will now be named GOLDFISCH, which shall reassemble the color scheme of the sail well.

A different story for my own findings in the word: MOTTE, for the new GER-3835. Avid readers will associate this rightly with Moth. Just the English word put into understandable German. What is wrong with it? No phantasy, a lack of wit I was told whilst we had a big laugh about the theme. To make a long story short, Alan came up with the new name of LUNA. He told me, it stands for Moth in some other language, but carries a lot more phantasy... Yes, hopefully.

So time is limited today and though I wanted to add some useful information about the repairs I had to do on 3627 which did not all come out successful and which kept me busy more than one evening, but I spare that for next time. Hopefully before the upcoming weekend where I am organizing a Moth regatta Regatta: "Carbon-Motte"on my home waters. As per today we have an international field signed up and the best German sailors have also signed in. You should not miss it. If it does not blow stinks from the East, like the last 8 days, (up to 30kn/h) we will have a great weekend.

Donnerstag, April 14, 2011

Fun in the Sun...

Yes, a great week here at Pro-Vela, Alan´s Moth camp at the Mar Menor. Great weather, the boats arrived in time, lot´s of help and tools from the pro-vela team to put the boats together, and of we went on to the water. You can see here three happy campers: AJ who is the red baron and man, did he buy speed. Of course he is very talented and a good boat can only help getting the best out the sailor using it. Than you can see KR, she has only started foiling this week and man, is she progressing. Her will-power to get up on the foils and flying was only dampened by Alan´s thorough training methods, when he strictly forbid foiling for the first sessions. Boat handling and understanding how it reacts comes first in his training methods. The training boat is in pristine conditions, newly rigged with a tramp, made by a sailmaker called Snail Sails. I do not get it. Do you? But the tramps are better than the one I had seen lately from one of our German Moth friends. Yes, and the proud owner of the new black beauty is me.

But my sailing is worse than average, I mean, my average. Maybe I will become the "famous Moth sailor" unable to foil jibe. Or I have to start a new (regatta) class for myself, forbidding to jibe and doing tacks instead. It is only the ever motivating Alan, who keeps me on track. But it is the choppy Mar Menor which is dampening my will-power and yesterday I gave up after only being out for 15 minutes. I unclipped the ball joint and sailed downwind back to the shore. But other than my own performance it is great being here when at home it barely gets above 10°C and the water not even in the double figure region. Hope you do enjoy your season start as well as we are doing. Over and out and back to school.

Freitag, April 01, 2011

Just can´t wait...

Just can´t wait to finish work... sometime after 17.00h
Just can´t wait to hopp in the plane...early Sunday morning
Just can´t wait to feel the warm air surrounding me... around Sunday late morning
Just can´t wait to arrive at the CAR... 90 minutes later
Just can´t wait to unwrap the new the first possible moment
And to take her out when she is ready for me.

More about her later.

Sonntag, März 27, 2011

End of March and away with hard Water...

Saw Harald´s Blog entry today. He went sailing on his Moth with the new foils. He took a photo from the water, with a lot of water. Went back to my own blog and realized that there is still frozen water in the header. Need to change it. Took a photo from the window yesterday. The Wikings are already out here.

On a different note: It was so much fun to assemble the M2 3627 which had been stowed away in the box over the winter. Everything is ready to go but the water here still under 4°C. How do I know? From the Fishermen in the village. The Hering (?) is not coming into the Schlei Fjord for spawning with the water being so cold. They need abt. 5-6° and than they are coming in shoals. Good times. Hope to see you on the water soon.

Montag, März 21, 2011

Our Sport: It is about the People

More often I have written about similarities between my two favorite classes of sailing boats. The DN Iceboat and the Moth class. Both are development classes and both have a rich and long standing history. As being a longtime competitor in the DN with nearly 40 years of building boats and racing them behind me, and only a short period in the Moth (only foiling) I am not able to verify what had been discussed in the Moth and being similar in the DN but the other way round I am rather well informed.

Uuuhps, now this blog entry is going to become complicated and starts to become technical. Instead, it should better express my initial thoughts, before writing this one and better not getting into discussions like e.g. max 15 (Moth) or max 20 (DN) races at championships, which I personally find stupid. Better two series with a short break in between and the Worlds or Euro Championship with 7-8 races and after that using the time left for "Cup races" with max 6 races for the competitors who are left to participate. Those will usually also be the ones who do it for the love of the sport and not for the sake of their sponsors nor for the title alone. Bringing the fun back, when the all important thing, the title, had been decided.

Actually I wanted to bring to you the three part CNN Mainsail episodes, lead by two times gold medal winner Shirley Robinson, about the last DN European Championship held in Estonia in March 2011. What you will see is not much about boats racing past a mark but it is about the essence of the sport, the people. For me this was pretty emotional to watch. Take your time. Have some fun and give me your comment.
CNN mainsail.DN one
CNN mainsail.DN two
CNN mainsail.DN three

Freitag, März 18, 2011

Advise for Alan

Graham had asked Alan (see Alan´s latest blog entry) how he will manage to put his boat on top of the Van and I´d like to share an idea which I had used for my other dinghy. Of course Alan, you must de-rig, or maybe your Father can help you lazy bugger, otherwise the next short circuit (Kurzschluss) in Murcia will be yours.

Other than reading from the post and subsequent reply, I would like to recommend Travemünde 2011 to you guys. The Moths are not at the wurst-mile, we are located on the other side, behind the "PASSAT". And we are launching from the big beach there. Some surprises are planned but I cannot take away from our organizers the glory which will go with it. I think that the location alone will bring us together a bit more, if that is what you are aiming for. And you should not worry about the following:

1. Weed: We will take care of it, raking it away for you or we will have wind from offshore and it´s been blown away.
2. Money: Don´t worry, your spouses will be able to spend loads on the other side whilst you are swimming errg foiling.
3. Arrest: If you have not heart until today, the iron curtain isn´t anymore. If you are washed into the shore, you are still in (West) Germany and you can take a taxi home and pay with €´s.

That is convincing, isn´t it?

Dienstag, März 15, 2011

DN Season is finished, Moth is coming.

There had been small hopes for a Danish Championship last weekend but due to rain and temperatures above zero it had to be cancelled and I took the opportunity to clean and oil and check my gear and to stow it away after taking some notes for the start of the next season. There is some work to do after the last couple of seasons being lazy, but I cannot do the work now, when the spring is lurking around the corner and early spring flowers start to blossom.

Today I have received confirmation of the new boat (MACH2) to be supplied to the Pro-Vela for an early season practice session in the beginning of April. Good job so far by the M2 team. Hopefully the customs declaration will run a bit smoother other than for the parts from SailingBits, which I had ordered for myself and Moth friends. Wanted to make life easier for them but with our customs authorities clinging to their jobs with overseas deliveries, it now becomes a small problem to get the goods out of customs. As my friends are located in different places, I am sure it would have been messy for them to get hold of the parts. I am sending my charming colleague out tomorrow to talk to the bureaucratics in Flensburg.

If things with the new boat to be delivered to Spain are not going according to the plan, I am sure that Alan would appreciate, if I send him the stunning girl to help with custom house bureaucrazy (!)

Edit. A video called: The Making of Eissegeln Europameisterschaft Saaremaa 2011. Heli Videos
Edit. 17.3.2011: Another one I really like to recommend: DN EC 2011 on CNN Mainsail
Edit. 22.3.2011: The German TV report at: ZDF report

Montag, März 07, 2011

Back from the DN Europeans

Just back from the DN Europeans with abt. 160 competitors I had found this report from the winner, Karol Jablonski, in my inbox: I would not be able to describe the event and the tough conditions, which we had faced, any better. Also, I will not take credit away from the publishers and therefore please go to the following link to read in English and German a great report about our last week, spend on the Ice of the Baltic Sea in Saaremaa, Estonia. DN EC report by winner, Karol Jablonski

The photo shows me and fellow iceboater "Praline, G-666" on the left. With special regards to the Detroit DN fleet.

Photo courtesy: Andreas Seegers:

PS: I wonder about this blog entry appearing in NZ? Was not able to leave a comment on the sailracewin blog. Never had a Kiwi sailing a DN with us though me and other DNérs have offered various invitations over the years. It is not the BloKart style, man. It is tougher.

Mittwoch, Februar 23, 2011

Good Bye to the "Old Faithful"

Yes, you see my wonderful Bladerider X8 being on the move to a new home in Holland. May Jaap, the new owner enjoy the boat as much as I did. What a great time we had together, the X8 and myself. And it had been reliable through all the sailing, that is the reason I was calling it "Old Faithful". Just like my old 1973 MG B GT which is being used very seldom but when it is needed it starts roaring after a few revs.

Selling the X8 was not easy at two ends. First there had been no reaction on my advertisement on the International Moth Homepage (thanks to Doug for such a great tool). Than, out of the blue I had 3 highly interested people in the boat. One from Holland, one from Germany and one from Poland. I settled with Jaap as he made a decision without much fuss and the boat was his. Michal from Poland, with whom I had good correspondence settled with MACH 2 and a distributorship. After the dust had settled there came another very interested person via my good friend Søren from Horsens, Denmark. Anyway it was a bit of an emotional departure as K´s and my idea had been to keep the boat for her. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought about the logistics with spare parts for two different brands. (Spares, big or small always needed when sailing Moths) the closer I came to the conclusion to buy another MACH2. This will help with having equal parts and the possibility to vandalize one boat whilst waiting for spares. Downtime must be short as are the month of summer.

Also my Moth buddy, Andreas, being on the rise and becoming quick on the race course, wanted a M2 himself. When he was a bit undecided I pushed him into Simon´s direction and as far as I am concerned, nothing speaks against a well set up ABARTH Moth on our home waters on the Schlei Fjord. So, there had been a few good Moth deals lately in our small fleet. And we will all meet with our new toys at the Moth Fest in May at the Mar Menor. (No direct link here as I think it is already overbooked...)

As far as activities around the house are concerned, I am preparing for the DN Euros in Estonia, Latvia or Poland. The news this morning had been that even Finland is an option now. Our president and the professional race committee* are concerned about snow coming in on the "best ice since 30 years" in Saaremaa, an island near Haapsalu in the Baltic Sea. Have not sailed lately as I was not in the mood for the long trips to the south (Lake Rescia) or to the north (near Gothenburg). Family kept me away. The ones who are interested in the more technical side of the DN rig should read the German article which was written in the SR online mag at:

I hope to be able to send a small report from the DN EUROS but anyone being more interested should check in at: Either the Pinboard or the DN Yacht button will contain reports. The racing will start on Sunday 27th and I think I have to go through a qualifier to try to get from the "B" fleet to "A" fleet as my last ranking in the World ranking list just does not qualify me directly for the Gold fleet anymore. It will be difficult but not unmanageable. First I need boat speed on the given day. What I do not need, is a starting position outside on the left (always computer generated for first race, odd numbers on the left) as that will give me 2 more tacks other than the starters on the starboard side. Anyway the preparation of the gear already gave me some fun and I am sure I will enjoy the event. Meeting friends from around the world and sharing the same passion is always great.

* In the DN class we have a professional race committee (Stan Macur and friends from Poland) which are assisting the officials from the country which is responsible for the event. Compared to other classes, this works on a relatively small entry fee of € 150,--per participant for the whole event. Usually there are around 150 to 180 starters which are divided into 3 or even 4 fleets depending on the size of the available area. The maximum fleet size is about 54 starters and that works great. Something which I am sure will happen in Moth fleets in the very near future. I am with Simon and do not think it is possible to let 150 Moths foiling straight to the wall. Anybody knows what he meant with the broken pencil in the same post at: SP´s Blog ?

Mittwoch, Februar 02, 2011

DN Racing in Denmark

What a great weekend we have had in Roskilde, Denmark, racing for the Seeland Championship or whatever it was called. Photo credit to And I got back into it. Got back my grin and will not compare it with the summer Mothing again, to say which is better for me, like I showed doubts about the Iceboating still being my favorite in my last post. No, you cannot compare, you should not. It is all very special and it is both rewarding to the work and time which you have to give into both sports. I am such a lucky guy to be here on Mother Earth, still being in decent shape and to discover it and to enjoy it. Sailing on hard water and foiling on the soft one.

For people being interested in more details about how DN regattas on ice come about, I would suggest reading John Casey´s last bit on his blog. A great sailor and journalist himself, he had been invited to take part in the 2011 DN World Championship in the USA, also held last weekend, whilst me and 40 other sailors from Denmark, Netherlands and Germany where sailing in Roskilde. Good and tough competitions in both events.

And as this blog entry is appearing on the IMCA site, I like to present my friends from both worlds two videos which I found to be very interesting to look at. Especially for people who are following the discussions on about Bora´s Wing. Enjoy and see you next time on the water. Hard or soft.

For the Moth Wing Video:

For the DN Video from Roskilde:

Donnerstag, Januar 27, 2011

Who is behind this thing?

I had been pointed into the direction of this virtuell Moth Sailor by Magnus Wheatley, the handgranade journalist, see also link on the right side. Visiting the site, which Magnus also mentioned in his blog post which has an entry I would call: Virtuell Moth Sailor I am a little puzzled. This guy or girl must know a lot about sailing, hanggliding and such. Smells a bit like SP, hiding behind a different personality. Beside the Moth sailing on a very, very high level, I have read that he has a similar boat as described in one of the "noodleqt" posts, going cruising. Or could it be KK? She knows a thing or two about sailing. She is one of the gifted writers and story tellers like the gentleman mentioned before, as well. And does the sailing club not look a bit like the HISC? Never been there but seen photos. But it could also be someone from the Isle of Wight, who dreams about Moth sailing and who is or had been a hangglider pilot as well. The Deeg? Or one who sold me his "Magic MKIII" after teaching me the finer points of watching the clouds for thermal winds after a lot of "looking at the green barn" during the first lessons on the IoW. Feel free to guess who is behind the "noodles" personality.

Anyway, great stories to read after an evening of working on my DN runners which had an alignment problem. And one of the 440C runners had a notch which took some time to smooth on the belt sander. All this work because the Danish DN friends are calling for a regatta in Roskilde on the weekend. Haven´t done much sailing so far due to other commitments.

On the Moth side there is some planning for the Moth Fest and some training before at the Pro-Vela in April. Flights are being booked and everything else will fall into place, I am sure. It really is the first of many, many DN winters where I could live without ice sailing and instead going foiling with the Moth. Sailing on soft water has never been so exiting for me.

Spend the last two days at the "boot" in Düsseldorf. Haven´t seen a Moth there, instead I had met someone from real life in the seventieth. A gentleman who had sailed Flying Dutchman in some of the events where I also took part. Great stories to exchange about the Worlds in Weymouth ´74, about Travemünde and about Kieler Woche. Does anyone today believe that Rodney Pattison came to Kiel with a Morgan+8 towing his FD behind? John Mellow and I had witnessed it. He is now producing really nice sculptures in stainless steel. Some had been donated at the TP52 Audi Med Cup. I immediately ordered two "Moth Sculptures" to donate during two Moth events coming season. Hopefully they will help increasing participation in the planned Northern Europe Moth Circuit, where we expect sailors to participate from Sweden, Denmark and Germany at three events. one in each country. Of course Moth sailors from other countries are also invited to come. More news and maybe a flyer later on the IMCA site.

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Donnerstag, Januar 06, 2011

Now we have a decision

Yes, it just came over the Internet. German DN Championship is on. I have two afternoons of sailing just behind me and the body is a bit tired. The ice was very bumby, comparable to chop on a lake at 5 Bft. Need to work on some of my runners tonight which I had used yesterday for practice. Of course I will take my Lappie with me as it is nearly more interesting to know what happens in Belmont other than on the ice in Germany. Wishing all competitors from both mediums (the liquid in Belmont, Australia for the Moth class and the hard water DN friends in Klink, Germany) good luck and smooth sailing! See you on the Ice.

PS: Deutsche DN Segler sollten sich an der Diskussion im Forum beteiligen: Sind wir Memmen?

Edited at Jan., 28th:
The German Championship had not been sailed due to lack of wind, lack of sight and lot´s of water on the ice. Temperature was above 6°C but ice had been 30cm thick. No worries but you need at least wind and good visibility when you are crossing with your friends at abt. 40-50km/h upwind and around 80-100km/h downwind. Yes, I was happy that the racing had been skipped by those responsible. All the friends had a great time partying in the castle of Kling without me, who was suffering from bloody nose bleeding.

Samstag, Januar 01, 2011

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!

This aint no speedo foto. It is a shot of my weather station during the last couple of days. Taken in the morning at 09.30h we had this unusual low temperature of -16.1°C. One might think this is good for the DN season but due to massive snowfall after the first ice had appeared on most of our sailable lakes, the ice was not able to grow under the thermal snow layer. And the snow is too deep to sail through. Only one lake, called "Plöner See" froze over late at 24th of December and after 3-4 days the first sailors could be seen via the webcam installed at the local sailing club. I had been out there on the 30th and we did sail some short races around the marks which we had put up. I had not expected anything, my knee somehow injured, but my gear worked well and I had good speed and was able to be in front in all races bar one. It must be said that I took the chance about fourteen days ago, after the first cold nights, and sailed with a friend "at the bottom of our garden" on the Schlei. Not much wind but good for rigging the first time and checking the trim. All my DN stuff had been put away quite hectic in March as I was so keen to go foiling at Alan´s Nothing more than a bit of WD40 on the runners. Should better go into the workshop but you know what: There is still some Moth gear to be put into good shape and order.

Working on the DN stuff had also delayed more than one evening, because I had followed the Moth Wing discussions. Very interesting as a wing would also be something for me. I will not have transport or storage problems and I would really like to try one as I think it is cool. Cool in the way of interesting for me as a sailor, as someone who loves all windsports but has to make decisions about which ones to take up. I skipped the idea of kite surfing due to fancying the Foiler Moth. And to have a wing for the fun and technical interest of it would just be great. Not all that had been said in the SA forum discussions is fair and I can only appreciate that the executive committee in the Moth class kept their cool. Good job. Thank you very much. I am very keen to see results and to hear about the happenings in this great Mothosphere. Wishing you all, be it on hard water or on the liquid one Smooth Sailing and a great season!