Mittwoch, Juni 22, 2011

Hej, I am a father and this one really touched me...

I will not take the honor away from SA who brought this up on their frontpage. But I know that not everyone checks in at SA every day or even has it on his favorites. I got my eyes wet this morning, reading this story. Good for a clear view. Read yourself this amazing story. Great Opti story from the SA forum

And I will keep my eyes open for the kids in the club coming weekend when we are running the yearly regional Opti regatta with all the parents and helpers from the little sailing club here in Schleswig. And I can give back for all the help the juniors are giving me when running our Moth regattas in spring and autumn. It would not be possible without the Lüttsegler team in the HSVS.

Photocredit goes to the great photographer from Argentine, Mr. Capizzano


Andrew hat gesagt…

Thanks for the link to a great story. We have our Optimist event this weekend too with 100+ kids coming to the VWDTP in Groningen, NL.
This weekend and the training we do with our kids wouldn't be possible without those parents fortunate enough to own a rib and generous enough to give us their time.
Obviously I'm against on the water coaching/cheating but for fun and safety even when it blows hard. We just have to find the right balance.
Have a great weekend - we will too :)

Noodle hat gesagt…

I loved my little yellow sailing box. Reading this great story, I just wanna be little again :-) Thx, for the link.

Andreas hat gesagt…

Hey little girl, what a heartwarming story indeed. I remember similar episodes with my daughter, only that it was on horseback instead of Optis. But, believe me, parents are very much the same there......if not worse.