Dienstag, September 14, 2010

Sailing the "Black Sheep"

Should have sailed it earlier but had some Moth duties and than got sick for a whole week, but last Sunday was the day. A local regatta with a mixed YS fleet. You find more information about this incredible Sportsboat under: Sportsboat 5,50m

Anyway my expectations were high as I had seen the boat, nearly winning it´s way (elapsed time only) in a bunch of 50 other boats at a regatta a week before. We took the photos from aboard our spectator boat. "Black Sheep" came second after leading about 80% of the race. Their last beat was poor (hmm, hmm from the outside....). The fast X-34 found better lanes and the 5,50m boat was outpaced by this very sharp competitor. I started to believe and was able to see first hand that the old saying: "Länge läuft" (only length is counting) does not relate to modern Sportsboats if designed right.

Rod, the builder of the "Black Sheep" had his friend and designer of the boat, JP to visit and to test sail the hard chined, super wide (2,40 is wide related to only 5,50m length) boat. The wind on Sunday morning was very light and I offered to give a lift with the Bull driven by the Outboard. Walked over to get the Bull ready for the tow but when I saw the 5,50m boat sliding through the marina, faster than I could walk in nearly no wind we skipped the idea and I jumped onboard to take the tiller. We made it in time down the Schlei-Fjord to the "big-wide" and did not have to wait much for the start. Despite the light wind we got in front quite quickly but on the last long downwind we got passed by the DB1 (old 3/4 tonner, built by Dehler). Should have rolled the boat over to windward as suggested by JP and pressed hard down to leeward but with a straight pole and a flat gennaker this is not easy to achieve in the light air. Anyway upwind we were fast. You can see the upwind performance of the boat on the photos which are running through this entry. The small boat in the lee of the X-34 is the "Black Sheep".

Moth wise I had only 2 outings lately. Both together with Andreas on his BR and it was great to be back on the homewater for some practice. Still lacking good jibes but going nicely upwind. Have I told you that I am sailing a MACH2 by now? Not that I think I can improve my results much with this boat at present but it came along my way as a very positive surprise or should I say, a chance I could not dismiss. Should anyone out there be keen to buy a good solid Bladerider X8, I would negotiate if it finds a good home. Otherwise I might take it to the Mar Menor for the upcoming October Fest organized by: ProVelaComing weekend is another Moth regatta in Kiel ASV Kielorganized by the Academics who always throw in good racing and good partying. The races are open for 18th, Int. 14th, and Moths. The usual suspects will be on the startline.

See the boat right in front there. that is the "Black Sheep" not long after the start. Should anyone out there like to have more information about this new boat, contact me and I put you through to Rod and JP.