Mittwoch, Dezember 31, 2008

Scaling down

There has not been much to report from "on the water" for me. It is always a long time since the beginning of October, after packing up the soft water tools until January when I normally move from soft water mode to hard water mode on my DN iceboat. This year, the time seemed longer than ever, though I had the pleasure to meet some sailing friends and to see some new boats during the Newport boatshow in September. Maybe this "early boatshow visit" at the end of the season had been one of the reasons I was longing to get back on to the water.

In December my sailing buddy Jürgen called me, to ask if I would like to race one of his IOM yachts. Yes, sure. No reason for me to hesitate. The regatta took place on December 21st. Called the "Tannenbaum Regatta", first price being a fully decorated X-mas tree. But... you have to bring a new one, fully decked out, the next year. Oh, I do not want to be the winner. And in reality I would never be. Not enough experience. The competition is really strong. E.G. the good guys keep a line-up of boats like Jürgen, who gave me one out of his four boats which he keeps in prestine conditions and in full racing mode. We had sailed 2 blocks of 3 races each in chilly conditions. There were two different fleets who shared the course and sailed one after the other. 30 MiniCupper (looks like an old IOR 2 tonner) and 14 IOM boats. (Very flashy looks, very different designs within this international one meter rule). I ended up somewhere in the last half of the fleet, though I had really good moments, when arriving at the top mark in the first 4 but after that I lost it on the downwind. In one race really badly, when I thought that another black boat (I sailed GER-277) was mine and I only realized, after the boat did not react to my finger which pushed the stick harder and harder, that I looked at a different boat. At the wrong boat. Mine was drifting by the time way out of the course. A bit like JM in the Vendee... Oh, never mind, I am not fit enough to a Vendee but the discussion on SA if this guy can do it on one of the most advanced Open 60, ready for the race in the last minute, caught my eye and my readers mind. Now he is out of the race and the anarchists from the South of GB who seem to know a thing or two are right. He did not make it around. Yes OK, that was the radio control boat race for me this year. Have a good time.

Montag, Dezember 15, 2008

Lot´s to do and waiting for the water to freeze over

Mmmh, long time no hear. Sorry. Lots of stories caried around in my head. Still the Laser fotos on a stick but no-time-to-blog. I think it is OK, as there is no sailing happening with me at present. Won´t bore you with economy stories, nor with stories about sharpening my DN runners and aligning the runners on the plank. It is a very, very time consuming process when you had been lazy over the last season. Found an interesting blog with "all the stories" about big boat sailing in German language. A pity the guy has left no comment button. If Lobster one comes acoss to this, please give me a shout or a comment. Like to get in contact with you about the IRC stuff. You seem to know a thing or two about it.