Freitag, Dezember 28, 2012

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

My DN friends are usually searching for good ice conditions between the holidays at the years end and there is a pattern to where the different people are going. I have usually made up my mind at the last minute due to family commitments but these commitments had also stopped me during the last years to go either north to Sweden or South to Italy. This year some friends have gone east to Poland where they have found good conditions, but only for a few days. My prefered location would be Lake Rescia (Reschensee) where you usually also find my friend Thomas, whom I had talked into the Moth class during one of our DN meetings, somewhere on the Ice site in one of those long nights in our campers. Thomas easily beat me on the soft water after a year in the Moth and I was able to beat him on the ice in the last competitions. It is always fun, we always share our experience. A pity that this great sports buddy is living in the south and I am living in the north of Germany. Anyway if you look at the picture above, in the left corner, you can see a small group of DN´s. It is early morning, I guess everyone is still at breakfast looking out the window to the beautiful scenery from the or else. Maybe the snowfall, which is predicted, will stop the sailing but than the skiing or sledging takes over. It is all good in Italy at 1500m above sea level.

Yes, and what am I doing here at the office desk on my computer? I am staying home another year due to different commitments. Company wise and in my social life. Yeep, I am going to a "ball opening" with full ball gown tonight. Life is pretty at the years end and it will finish with a positive note. Looking forward to 2013 to meet with my sailing friends again on hard or soft water. Maybe also doing some keel boat races in Kiel and Flensburg on my new "thing".

Freitag, Dezember 14, 2012

On the Ice again

Yeah, life is not bad when the Fjord at my home starts freezing in and the first sailable ice is developing. Such had been the thing yesterday and despite a work schedule for most of us, we met on the ice to sailsome practice races. It was good and I felt at home immediatley with my boat, with the surroundings and with myself. Maybe that had been the reason that I won all of the races despite the first two, but all without changing a knob. We had some good chat after finishing the day and thinking about racing again, maybe more officially on Saturday, weather permitting. See you on the Ice, G-99 Have not blogged for a long time after I had to swallow my frustrations of not being able to sail at Lake Garda. Did only do some practice at the wonderful venue and the warm water but at the first day, my back gave in. I was not able to carry my boat to the ramp and therefore went straight home to see the doctor. Couldn´t stay and look at 120 Moths having fun and fighting it out. Not that I would have been able to even touch a place better than 80th, but the great cameraderie and spirit in the Moth class is something special and it will pull me back into the next big event. See you on the water, GER-3835