Mittwoch, August 13, 2008

Olympic Sailing in the Fushan Bay

Due to the NBC and BBC live feed from Qingdao being inaccessible from Germany my source of information is here. The German sailing team is not doing very well at present, though hopes are still there for them to take part in the (one) medal race. The German press does not seem to understand how it will work for the medals, do I?

Interestingly the German Yngling team has fired their Psycho Coach after they had found a lack of speed on the downwinds. Hope they are improving now without this coach overtrimming the kite... I had started a thread on the German Sailing Anarchy site about the teams "lack of downwind speed" but either people here are not following the sailing in the Olympics or they are too shy to share their opinion. Life is much more busy in the SA Forum.

If anyone out there can tell me how to access Olympic Sailing Videos or life feed within Germany or has a trick about how to tell the foreign server that my compie is not located in Germany, please feel free to comment.

Freitag, August 08, 2008

Just an Update....

Had so much on my working agenda that I did not even post about the last three days of Mothing last weekend. Though they were uneventful, the practising answered Koos question: Noops, not a successful foiling jiobe by now. I would say a 3/4 foiled turn around but in the last second the foils lost grip. As Simon P. had once described it: They were not loaded anymore. I would say, not enough speed going into it, the weight at the wrong place and my biggest dilemma, being too slow up on the new side. During the week it was mostly raining (with a big hailstorm yesterday) and only now the flags on the pole outside are starting to make some noise. I will give it a go later today.

Søren from Denmark, DEN 101 wants to sell his nice Moth. He had send me a photo showing both of us during the Horsens regatta. His boat is also in the classified ads at German Moth site. Go to Gebrauchtboote

Next regatta is in the beginning of September. The Kohlhoff Skiff Days. Have a look here: Skiff Days and see you on the water.

Ooops, before I forget to mention: Next week I am going to see Neil Young live at an Open Air concert in Hamburg. I am looking forward to this event and would even drop an evening on the Moth for it.