Montag, Juni 20, 2011

Three is a Moth Nest

We had Carlo up here in the North and I think that three Moths are already giving the impression of having a little nest. Some great sessions on the water and a lot of tinkering on the boats had been done last week. Sunday, Carlo was pushing for another session in abt. 15-20kn of wind but horrendous rain from time to time. But it made the water fairly smooth and we did some speed runs. I got used to be above 20kn quickly and launched it up to 23.9 whilst Carlo managed for a short period 26kn. We had downloaded his tracks from the Speed Puck to my Mac but we failed to download from the SC1 which I am using. Must "steal" K´s Speed Puck next time as I am not even able to take a shot of the max speed this morning from the SC1.

I was thinking about how big the difference is between 23 and 28kn, the speed which our friends Harald and Markus released recently. For me this is a very big gap and if will need some "balls of steel" and longer lasting gusts in the 25+ kn wind range. And yes, I was using the orange MSL10 and the soft mast which is a combination that feels good to me in stronger wind. The day yesterday definitely brought the fun of Moth sailing back to me which had been lost a bit due to much necessary work on our two boats to have them shipshape at all time. For example the #3627 "broke" it´s boomvang strap for the third time. I know it was my bad as I did the splicing. Glad to have Carlo taken over the job at last and it will hold together, I am sure.

One thing is puzzling me these days: It is Kieler Woche Kieler Woche 2011 results and I am not being tempted to be there. After 28 years of participations in FD, H-Boat, IMS, the interest has faded away and I am at present totally happy to spend short periods out on the Moth on the Schlei or going to our local races.

The next two weekends are being spend with and for the Youth in our small community and sailing club, the HSVS. See also the homepage from the youth group, the Lüttsegler: Lüttsegler Homepage HSVS Coming weekend we are organizing the yearly Optimist-Liga regatta, were also Europe´s and Teeny´s will take part and the weekend after we will cruise/race with a 36´and a 39´footer down the Fjord to a place which cannot be reached by cars. Overnight will be spend in tents and we will have a great BBQ and singing some shanties.

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