Montag, Juli 25, 2011

A lot of trying but just one success

After the pouring rain had gone and the Moth Sailors woke up at a cloudy but dry morning, it was first for the Moth Camp for a great breakfast provided by the German Team. The first start had been announced as per the program at 11.00h flat. And that is what happened, despite a few sailors did not reach the starting line in time. It was not only me and to start the competition with 3 letters is not really a good idea. But like the wind disappeared for the back end of the fleet on the way to the race course, it did also in the first race. Marginal foiling condition and than suddenly none. The race was abonded. When the light weight sailors, under 70kgs started foiling forth and back at the race committee, the PRO called for another start. The first eight sailors from the list managed 3 laps, the rest of the fleet had been counted Grand Prix style. It was Chris Rashley in first, JA
Jason Belben second, Mike Cook, Ben Paton and in 5th Emma Aspington. Full results should be on the dedicated homepage.

The fleet was moving slowly back to the base after the first race. Most sailors were freezing and the light conditions did not help. The sky cleared partly and at 15.15h flatt the German PRO, Rallle Meyer called for another start. The line was not biased and the fleet produced a foiling early start and had to be called back. Second start was OK but the sound signal for a delay was overlaid by the horn from a big freighter in the background. Some sailors, like me, had a good fight low riding. Emma was flying forth and back but was not gaining much on the Lowriders. I had the race of my life, beating Harald to the post errg weather mark but when we came back to the start/finish line, nearly everybody was already there. We had not discovered that there was no race because 3 seconds before the starting signal, theres was another horn and a flag. Bad when you are staring at the pin end, fully concentrated on the competition and a clean start.

More drifting and a nerve wrecking last end of the home race. Barely not wind and the water felt even more cold when we had to jump into the drink to get our boats ashore.

Not much time left for packing up the boat and for a good shower as we had the official invitation from the organizers for an evening out on the tall ship "Passat" including food and drinks. Weather forecast for tomorrow is mostly sunny and maybe good thermal breeze in the late afternoon. Let´s see what happens.

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