Sonntag, Juli 24, 2011

Raining in Travemünde

Good Morning from Team "Kuhle", Travemünde. Ir is raining again this morning and the weather forceast is not promissing. Just heard it on the radio. Wind regularly Force 6 gusting to Bft 8 from the South-West. The "Dash for Cash" yesterday evening had to be cancelled and it is now put forward to Tuesday. Yesterday there had been 3 or 4 Mothies outside the breakwater practicing and they came back with a smile. Flat water and Force 5 outside. Our Australian friend sailed out late and I saw him doing a stunt which I would not recommend. Crossing the fairway was necessary but than crossing _in front_ of a medium size ship after a jibe was not really necessary. These big ship cannot move a centimeter and we should all be crossing behind ships.

At the skippers meeting today it had been announced that there is no practice race today due to wind gusting from 25to 35 through the afternoon. Even the Offshore racing had been cancelled. During a very warm welcome speech from German class president Carlo Mäge, it had been made public to the participants and the organizing committee, that there is a "freebe" party or dinner or BBQ every evening with drinks and food in the Moth-hall or one evening on the Tallship "PASSAT". Already this morning breakfast had been served, though the person in charge could not come today but Nina and Markus were always present and organized everything very nicely. It came in very handy for most of the sailors who are living in tents.

Over and out from Travemuende

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Hallo Manfred,
Thanks for your update from Travemünde. Please continue, it is nice for us who can't be there -
Best regards