Mittwoch, Juli 13, 2011


The pleasure of cruising had nearly been forgotten because all I wanted to do is sailing the Moth. This had been a bit disturbing and I had used a couple of different excuses to myself and to the family about not going to sea. And when I could not manage to get the hours in the Moth which I had planned for, I thought it would be better to spend last week with the family. Going cruising in the Baltic sea. It was very enjoyable and I should have kept on sailing until the EURO starts but instead the office was calling and that is why I am back at the screen now. Oh, there was some Moth talk underway. Met Felix after such a long time and tried to convince him to come back into the class. He still has the BR from former World Champion John Harris which he takes out in Berlin from time to time. It is pimped with the Holyrod rudder, as he told me.

We had not looked on the weather map one day, and it happened that we cruised around (with stops, see map) around the island of Als with only headwinds. But our boat is really going well and I can sit on ends going upwind, squeezing out a tenth of a knot more and a degree higher and it all takes place around the 6-7kn speed range. Not impressive for the Moth high flyers but totally absorbing the outside world. Real holiday. Now a week and a half and maybe some tinkering on the MACH2 3835 and I will be in Travemünde to sail in the Moth EURO. My KAFC friends should come and join the class at the CTM BBQ on Wednesday and talk their way into the most exciting boat class in the present.

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