Montag, Mai 09, 2011

Demolition Derby and than you need service...

What a great Moth regatta we had sailed over this past May weekend. Blue sky and the wind was nuking in the 20kn range and gusting up to 25kn with a fair bit of 10° direction changing. 13 Moth sailors from all over Germany participated but the early season and the strong breeze took it´s toll on the boats and on the bodies of the sailors. Only 2 sailors, Markus, GER-3732 and Hannes, GER-3444 survived the 6 races held on Saturday and Sunday. Nothing beats experience and these two great sailors have both a 49er Olympic Campaign behind them with Hannes, together with his brother, taking Bronze in the windy 2008 Quingdao races. You guys done the fleet proud.

Anyway a more complete report and a link to great fotos will follow later. This is about how to fix and how to get spares for our beloved boats. We are in Germany and this is not really Mothland when seen through the eyes of the current bread of highTech boats. So for broken booms, broken tillerarms, for the necessary RHA (ride-height-adjuster) and various other bits and peaces my first choice now, are the people at SailingBits., Australia. Have a look at their website: sailingbits.
They do understand that we do not want to waist our time waiting for answers, waiting for spares, they just do it. They offer at competitive prices, take in the order and the moonies and despatch immediately by courier or fast AUSSIE post. That is what I call great service. For the Newbies in the Moth class, John Harris won 2008 the World Champion (on a Bladerider) so he knows what he is talking about. His winning championship boat is now owned by Felix S. which brings me to say "THANK YOU" to Felix in the name of all the competitors from the "Carbon-Motte" event. Felix donated vouchers, specially for this event through his company:, who are supplying clothes and other sailing related gear. I would say: For sailors body and soul requirements, first have a look at the alendrashop Felix text message to me, that I should hand out one voucher for every competitor, came a bit late and therefore we only issued 3 vouchers, polite as we are. Maybe I can take his word and use ALENDRA again next time at the autumn event or at Lake Goldberg, when the next regatta, sponsored by CTM will take place. Please feel free to leave your "mark" on the Facebook site if you like it.

Full results list from the Carbon-Motte here: German Moth Class and an article SHZ, vom 9.5.2011 about the CTM "Carbon-Motte" was printed in the local newspaper today and can be seen on the German Moth site where a hundred fotos and videos, courtesy by Anja @ will appear soon. Fotos on this blog entry courtesy by Andreas Borrink.


Michal hat gesagt…

Hi Manfred,

I see that you had some hard conditions during the regatta!

How was the sailing and how did boats survive? What was the weakest part and most common damage?

Fred hat gesagt…

Hi Michal,
yes, there was a lot of wind as reported. And chop as well. The sailing was great but took its toll, both on body and boats. We had a broken boom, a ripped out main foil, broken tiller, a ripped sail, a 2-part main vertical for unknown reasons and we had some untrained bodies. It was a good thing that at least everybody tried to go out and to get to the startline at the testing conditions. Some have not had their boat in the water before and like with me it took a couple of days sailing before, to find a good set up (after winter storage in the box). I got some tips on Friday about the Gantry position (top screws two full turns out from factory setting) which helped me a lot, but I broke the tiller during my Friday testing. Anyway during the regatta my boat survived everything but my body was sour after the first race and a "hundred capsizes" in between the next race, I gave up and limped home, absolutely beaten by mother nature. On Sunday we had a smaller fleet on the startline and it was great sailing again in 20kn wind bur less chop. Nothing broke.

It would be very difficult for me to name the "weakest parts" - as the damage was mostly driver induced. We had MACH2´s Bladerider, Velociraptor and Prowlers in the fleet. We are all looking forward to our next "big event".

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