Donnerstag, Mai 12, 2011

Three Mothies on a Melges 24

No, no, we do not want to compete with Bora, who actually wants to become the World Champion 2011 in the Melges 24 class in the windy Corpus Christi of USA this year. At least what I interpreted from reading some sailing sites.

We sailed the beer-can-race on Wednesday night in a boat, borrowed to me by my friend Jürgen, who took the pain to put his boat "Henry Lloyd" into water, but than he had to travel home for abt 120km for a business date, fixed some time ago. It was the start of the season. So it was me to search for crew in the last minute and I checked in with Markus and Nina, who were still around in the area for some Moth sailing and testing some lakes for our upcoming Moth training camp. One of Jürgen´s crew joined us and off we sailed, racing against the clock (Yardstick) and boats like the X-99, X-34, X-79´s, H-Boats, etc. Not a big deal, we rounded the weather mark in third behind bigger boats and with Markus experience on the G-sail from his 49er campaign, we VMG´ed fast to the leeward mark. It was all fun and a good evening sail. The air was warm and we were in good company. As the three Mothies of us are usually singlehanders, everyone had a turn on the tiller. Nina found it a bit awkward that the boat heeled to leeward after she had trained hard for windward heel under the auspices of Markus. Yes, and the mainsail did not look as nice as a cambered KA moth sail does. And with a bit of lead on the bottom, it won´t fly.

As nobody took photos from the Wednesday night regatta, I´ll post here the winner of our Moth event, Markus. He is just rounding the leeward mark. You can see the Schleswig Dom in the background and the old town, the Fisherman´s village is to the right. Photo courtesy by Anja Rupp.

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