Mittwoch, Mai 24, 2006

Sad News for us armchair sailors, following the VOR

A lot has been written and said about the tragic death of Hans Horrevoets, a crew member of the "ABN AMRO II" Team. The thoughts are with his family and friends.

Later on, we got to know that this same boat and crew had to take on the crew of "Movistar", who abandoned ship in the Atlantic, abt. 300sm from land. Unthinkable to me how everybody coped with this situation. With the whole situation. These Oceanracers have a very strong bond between them and they all know each other as friends. I have my utmost respect for the Volvo Ocean Race Team at the office. The way they handle this on their homepage is very respectful.

With reference to the sinking of “Movistar”, there was one comment today from one of the best skiff sailors of all time, Chris Nicholson, who sailed last time around on "Amer Sports I". Chris Nicholson, this time sailing on “Movistar” referred to the boat: „trying to get away from us throughout the race and it has now done it. . ." It tells me, they were lucky. But is it only luck, when you survive the oceans?

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bonnie hat gesagt…

From what I read on the VOR website, it just sounds like the skipper of the Movistar is an incredibly intelligent & sensible guy - can't be easy to drop out of that race, but he clearly put the safety of his people above everything else.