Donnerstag, Mai 04, 2006


Gestern fand die erste Mittwochsregatta der Saison statt. Die Bull lag noch in der Halle auf dem Trailer. Verpackt und vertäut, wie nach der Senatspreis Regatta in Berlin im späten Oktober 2005. Start um 18.30h. Um 17.00h hing das Boot am Kran und um 18.00h konnten wir bei Ostwind um 4 Bft raussegeln zum Start. Beim aufriggen der Fock realisierte ich, dass die Fockschot zu kurz war. Gerissen in Berlin. So mussten wir statt 2:1 auf direkte Schotführung umriggen. Was Daniel einige Hautabschürfungen kostete.

The race report in English for my sailing friends who want to know. Of course also to improve on my English. The pic below shows us sailing the Bull in Berlin at the Senatspreis regatta, last autumn.

We started with a long beat up the Schlei (my homewater) against a stiff breeze from the east. The committee boat was favoured and we did start with good speed but a little lack in height against two of the X-79. The X-99 bore away and slowly moved in front. A couple tacks later we found ourselves in 4th position (13 keelboats only in this first Wednesday night regatta). A tactical move and staying close to the opposition brought us into 3rd on the weather mark. Up with the kite (Gennaker) and closing the distance to the 2nd on the first deep reach. An inside overlap after two quick jibes and a near perfect take down saw us in 2nd on the next, very shy reach. An important move as the X-79 with a full size Genoa and more waterline length would have left us in their wake. Another weather leg with a fierce tacking duel against Henning on the X-79 allowed us to hold 2nd. Up with the kite again and a long slog home. We were catching up on the ´99 but not close enough. The wind had dropped and fast, low reaching was no option. Instead we had to pole out the retractable bowsprit and trim the boat Oppi style. The new course has built in another short windward leg to the finish line, which gave our opponents at the back the chance to catch up time, but no placing. The wind had shifted to the right immediately after we had crossed the line. Most opponents just rounded the leeward mark and were able to lay the finish. As we do Yardstick and our 96 is a tough number, this hurts a bit. But it was only the first race of the season. Universe will strike back.

To sum it up: boat handling was absolute OK after the winter. It was a pleasure to sail together. We had positive communication and planning ahead. It was amazing after the winter pause. Reading the wind, especially downwind, was fun. The iceboating sharpened the senses and the dinghy week at Lake Garda did not hurt my steering.

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Pat hat gesagt…

re Spinnaker Pockets / Spinnaker Taschen fur segeln jacht "boom":

Eine gute idee!
Viele Gedanken, Manfred (Jim); Ich glaube das lange "doppelt taschen" wird arbeit sehr gut und nett wie spinnaker taschen. Haben Sie vielleicht eine bild (foto) für das?

(und Seine Verzeihung für my schade, jammerliches, schlecht, schade, wenig Deutsch!)

Many thanks!
(Wüste See)