Donnerstag, Mai 11, 2006

AM Cup - ACT10 wird in 100 Minuten gestartet

Shit - I am not in Valencia though I´d really like to see how the new boats (The Kiwis are using theirs as does BMW and Luna Rosa) are doing. I can only recommend for any sailing enthusiast to try and see some of the America´s Cup action. It is really worth doing so. I am putting 2 shots in here which I had taken during the Malmö Act last autumn.

See the Alinghi base and how much stuff they brought with them. I had the pleasure to talk to Jochen Schümann who did an amazing job, helming Alinghi during the Malmö Act and winning all but two races. The one race where the old mighty NZL-60 won in the hands of the French K-Challenge, it did surprise me. NZL-60 was just unbelievably fast around the track. Somebody must have found the trigger, I guess. This boat had won the America´s Cup with R. Coutts helming, 5-nil (young Dean Barker did the last race down in Auckland).

My heart is pulsing for the underdogs, the Kiwis again, though they have built a pretty well oiled team for their 2007 challenge. My national pride should go with the Germans UITG-Team but again, their camp is not all tidy and there are people with ego trips around who can spoil the enthusiasm a little bit. Nevertheless they only want to get their feet wet this time around. Turn on America´s Cup radio on the Website, listen to Andy Green and his colleagues and follow the action. Use the following website:
  • America´s Cup-Die offizielle Seite
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