Mittwoch, April 26, 2006

Marine Paintings

With the help of my link list on the right you can go to my favourite marine artist, Jim Bolland. Today, over my morning coffee, I found a real nice article about this artist, featuring three of my own prints or paintings as well as one screensaver. The 15 page article can be found in one of the fancy German sailing Mags, called: Sailing Journal. Go direct to this link and download the latest issue of the Sailing-Journal, 02/2006.
Takes a while until you get all the pages loaded as a PDF, but it is worth while, especially when you live abroad and cannot purchase the Mag. Give it a try. Look and read about Jim´s paintings and a very nice to read article (same as the English one on my companies homepage) about the Kiwis challenges for the America´s Cup.

Personnel note for my visitors: I like to write some of my stuff in English language as I like to keep in contact through this blog with my sailing buddies around the globe.

Ich hoffe, meine deutschen Segelfreunde werden Verständnis dafür haben, dass einige meiner Text in englischer Sprache publiziert werden. Es übt und der Kontakt "abroad" wird gepflegt.
Smooth sailing
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Tillerman hat gesagt…

Appreciate your posting in Englisj - I can't read German at all and Google Translate doesn't do a very good job.

OG hat gesagt…

That is a fantastic painting - a picture that could tell a thousand stories...