Dienstag, August 01, 2006

Where do you sail??

I must apologize for not contributing more regular. Since I have my new Lappie, which should give me more options to write and send reports from "underway", I have more and more pressure from the job and the reporting about the sailing adventures is pushed into the background.

We have done Travemünde Week last weekend in the "Bull7000", sailing in the Sportsboat class with mixed success. I was not able to get the boat going in very light air and little chop out on the sea. It needs more race practise and definetely fuller sails. Both items are on my agenda but there is not much chance to change within this season. Have to go more for the "fun of racing", "fun of travelling to places" and of course: "fun of meeting sailing buddies". This had been the case in Travemünde and there had been good friendship and talks with people whom I do not see so often. Schleswig is a little bit remote....

This brings me to the theme today. I read in Tillerman´s Blog about: "where do you sail?" Interesting question and I had not used Google earth before. So I looked for my homewaters in Schleswig which I like to present to you. Amazing what this programm can do. As a trailerboat sailor I am also on the move and maybe it is a good idea to check in Google before starting or afterwards to present the places to you. Anyway, the water in my hometown, Schleswig, the Schlei Fjord, is connected to the Baltic Sea. It is about 4 hours to sail and than you are coming into the open Baltic. Nevertheless, our beer-can-races (wednesday-night-races) take place on the waters which you can see in the picture. The marina, where I keep "Bull-y-hoo", is on the left side. The water has some shallow areas and with a draft of 1,70m it is tricky to find the quickest way if you have the wind from the east. (right hand side of the pic) Than we have to beat up until you reach a mark close to the narrow passage on the right side. Here we usually have an up-down-up and than straight for the barn, the finish, close to the island on the middle/left side. The water at the bottom, which is called the Haddebyer Noor is actually the place where one of the first Viking towns had been installed. A place of great tradition. A place which is mentioned in most Viking books. Thanks again Tillerman, for pushing me.


Anonym hat gesagt…

"Where you at" started on OG's site Live Sail Die (www.livesaildie.com).

Tillerman and the others followed suite from there!

It's on the live sail die forum as well.

Fred hat gesagt…

I have realized it after re-reading it. Sorry. Somehow I am not able to put the pic on OG´s site.
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