Dienstag, August 08, 2006

Starboat WC in Neustadt, Germany

Some of my friends are sailing Starboats and their BIG event takes place this week in Neustadt, Germany. A bay in the Baltic Sea. They had their first race yesterday and of course I am interested in the results. I also had the pleasure to help out the US Sailor John Dane, USA 8268 hauling out his boat at the end of Travemünde week. If this would not be enough, my opinion is that the fleet is "star studded" deep into the middle fleet. Have a look yourself on the events website: Rolex-Baltic-Week

But it is not only the results list which is of interest. The organisers have hired a sailing journalist who does understand the racing and who has written a fine report with interviews. A MUST read for racing sailors. Well done Andreas Kling! The report is also on the Rolex-Baltic-Week website under: Rolex-Baltic-Week-daily report. Have a nice week and for the Star sailors: smooth sailing!

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