Montag, August 28, 2006

I just love to read this...

The following made my day today: These Guys, Howard Hamlin and John Winning doing so exceptionally well in the physically demanding 18 footer class. They are a fraction younger than me and an inspiration to keep sailing performance dinghies as well as sailing in my keel boats. At the same time I am positive about young ones coming in to beat me or to show me new tricks. For example Jan, he is from the local youth squad. He organized a crew for the wednesday night races in the Bull when I had moved from Hamburg to Schleswig and did like to compete but knew nobody around here. We did so well in the first year. Winning overall. Than the youngsters moved away from Schleswig for jobs and University and now Jan, being a sailmaker at Elvstrøm/Sobstad came back into the boat and we start winning again. Nice feeling. Me getting older and the once "young ones" getting more experienced.

quote from Scuttlebutt:
San Francisco -- The 18' Skiff International Regatta wasn't quite a changing of the guard---Howard Hamlin, 53, was the winning skipper for the third time in five years---but if runner-up Samuel (Shark) Kahn, 17, is the wave if the future, that's fine with Howie. "It's great to see Shark doing so well," Hamlin said after wrapping up the title with first and second places Saturday. "Maybe it will draw other young kids into the class." Kahn passed former winner John Winning, 54, for second place on the last day, and the Australian indicated that he, too, would welcome an influx of youth, although he will continue to campaign around the world "if the body's up to it." -- Rich Roberts, On the podium:
1. Pegasus White, Howard Hamlin/ Mike Martin/ Trent Barnabas, 11pts
2. Pegasus Black, Samuel (Shark) Kahn/ Cameron MacDonald/Paul Allen,15pts
3. Yandoo, John Winning/ Andrew Hay/' Geoff Bauchop, 17pts
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