Donnerstag, März 02, 2006

Vorbereitung auf die Wasser-Segel-Saison

Hier ein interessanter Artikel für alle, die "hinten" im Boot Ihren Dienst tun:

Team New Zealand tactician Terry Hutchinson is a chatty kind of guy. Ask him a question and you get a more than adequate answer. Ask him how his relationship with Dean Barker at the back of the boat is going, and he natters away non-stop.

It's is no secret that a strong relationship between the helmsman and his tactician is crucial. New Zealanders Russell Coutts and Brad Butterworth have shown how it is done over the past 10 years, and before that it was the Dennis Conner and Tom Whidden show. But with single-nation teams now athing of the past, developing afterguards has become a matter of merging
people from different countries in a matter of months.

Before joining Emirates Team New Zealand, Hutchinson knew little about Barker. Apart from one Congressional Cup regatta, Hutchinson can't recall sailing against Barker, let alone with him. "It was a forced relationship I guess and probably the best thing that happened was that we won the acts in Valencia [in 2004]. Whether we liked each other or not, we gained instant
respect for each other's ability." The relationship is based on trust.

While Barker is concentrating on the boat and its speed, Hutchinson's job is to paint Barker a picture of what is going on around him and advise where he should head. "A lot of times on the boat when we have a massive screw-up tactically, he doesn't say anything. He just looks at me like 'is that the best you can do? I hope we can do better than this because this is
pretty average'. "Fortunately at the time it is something I am thinking myself." -
- Julie Ash, NZ Herald, full story:

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