Samstag, August 18, 2012

Moth Blogger in Campione, italy

An amazing new place here in Campione, Italy with a Cantina giving us a stabil Wifi an the best coffee south of the German border. The Italian championship is behind us. Today is a layday with measurements and technology sharing. I had a nice swim in the lake this morning and am sitting now in the air conditioned Cantina because it is very hot outside. The boat is sorted after some small trouble yesterday. Some ropes had not been rigged in the right way which might have to do with the extensive heat, this North German participant is not used to. Nevtheless had a nice sail yesterday and had to try out unusual cloth combination due to the warmth of the water and the burning sun. Two Leicra shirts on top and no neopren seemed to be a good answer. Mottenfieber Fotogalerie

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