Dienstag, August 21, 2012

Boat Prep is King...

Boat preparation going on everywhere here in Camp Moth in Campione. Foils are being smoothed down to 2000 grid, carbon work is going on every evening when there is shadow protection from the high cliffs in the west of the launch area. At present there is no hurry to put in any morning races with the "Peler" wind. This is the reason why the Mothospehere is buzzing with news and Fotos and all. At present I am counting 15 computers in action down here at the Cantina which serves us not only with good food but with a stable WiFi. Heart that there is a lot of "noise" in the many FB pages which I am ignoring. My own preparation had only been marginal though I know some of the important bits to go through. But I did not expect a knot to slip open, a splice to detach and my boom vang to open up at the holding part. Bloody me. Than there was a lack of speed both up and down and avoiding traffic in the most careful way. You can see in pictures, published at Segelreporter that 80% of the fleet did start on port tack. You than do not want to be the idiot to call for right of way as a starboard tacker on the line, close to the pin end. 50km/h crossing speed will not be without harmful damage. One sailor already ended up in hospital. I tried a right of way start closer to the boat. The line was difficult to cross but when the fleet approached me, I tacked to port immediately but after that, I found myself already at the back end of the fleet in the first race. Due to technical problems missed the 2nd and 3rd but had all the slipway for myself to do a safe hauling out of my boat. Done some boat prep in the evening, even sanded down my centerboard and foil. Hope it helps the mind set today. Being in 114th spot is not exactly what I came here for. 99 would be acceptable, bearing in mind the risen standard within the class. A great article can be found again today (as yesterday, scroll back on the fron page and read "Naked Lunch") on SA.com. You can read about this fantastic event in German language at SR.com who said they are covering the event. And many good Fotos, taken daily can be found at the Mottenfieber link as in the post below. On with some food, a good cafe latte and waiting for the Ora to set in from the south.

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