Montag, September 08, 2008

Small high´s and big low´s at the Skiff Days

This boat immediately tells you if you have done enough practising as well as maintenance work. It doesn´t matter if you have an idea of reading the wind, or to know something about tactics, if you haven´t done your homework, it will show you already minutes after the start. OK, I should not write as pessimistic as this sounds. Not all had been bad, but I am still disappointed about my own result in the "long distance race". I did not even finish. Being second last boat and dead slow on the run I decided that enough was enough and turned the bow around to sail home. It was not possible anymore to see the front runners in the Moth class. I could name my boat the "lame duck" as it has no name at present. But this name is more appropriate for myself, as I have steered it around the course. And I am responsible for the set up. Less height than my fellow competitors, therefore a bit slower. Less deep running on foils, therefore lots more miles. Anyone with ideas to get me out of this, please comment. I have to hit the road now and might write a more positive report later about the "Kohlhoff Skiff Days", held in Kiel on the inner Fjord last weekend. Great organisation. Good fun for everyone. Watchful eyes can see me doing a port start with my GER 3170. Not bad, but than came the header... and a lull on the left.


tillerman hat gesagt…

Did you mention you are going to the Newport Boat Show? Are you working on one of the stands? I may get down there one day. Let me know how to find you.

Anonym hat gesagt…

hi manfred,
to cut a long story short... you need bigger foils.
bigger area will get you going onto the foils earlier and at slower speeds and will keep you flying for longer when you stuff up.
you are a lot slower when not flying than you will be slower at the top end with foils that are too big. you could also configure the foils with a bit more sweep so they are less critical to stall at higher angles and more stable at higher speeds.
good luck.

Fred hat gesagt…

Tillerman, I´ll be on the boatshow in Newport all Friday and Saturday. You can leave a message (or your mobile nr.) on the Santa Cruz Stand. I am not sure if my Apple mobile will work in the States. Would be a pleasure to meet with you.