Donnerstag, Mai 01, 2008

Not a good Day...on the Moth

Favourable wind on the Wednesday afternoon let me leave work an hour earlier. The Moth needed some attendance with the new boomvang and some minor adjustments on other parts. At around 18.00h I was ready to go out and the wind had increased. White caps all over the place (should take the anemometer, I know) Had a good start with wind from the left, which is my favourite. Upwind, hiking hard and sailing from the flat water to the more choppy zone. Suddenly I realized that the vang came loose. I pulled more until there was nothing to pull. The blocks were blocked. Now with a lot of power on the sheet and the mainsail twisting a lot the fun of sailing the Moth faded away. I tried some downwind but had spectacular capzises over the bow. The boat digged the bow deep into the water which made me slipping to the front of the tramp which made the digging worth. Lots of swimming and I was fed up for the day. Has it been my bad knots or what caused the problem? For sure one of the ropes had slipped.

I fiddled with the ropes again today but despite there had been some good conditions out there my bones are feeling tired and I want to do the regatta at Stienitzsee on the weekend. Therefore I packed it in, put the Moth on the trailer, everything ready to go and will leave tomorrow. First we will drive to Hamburg. We have an invitation for a boat launch ceremony. A old beauty has been restored (with lots of epoxy of course) and there is a christening tomorrow in the old port of Hamburg, The ship is called “Artemis” You can find information here: Kreuzeryacht ARTEMIS

For the regatta I have lowered my goal after the disappointing last sailing. Have to do a reality check and want to see how the other Mothies are doing. Will report after the weekend.


Tillerman hat gesagt…

Good luck at the regatta.

Raven289 hat gesagt…

There's definitely NO epoxy on the ARTEMIS! That's for sure. She has been restored to almost original conditions.

Fred hat gesagt…

Sorry Raven if you know better. I must than be ill informed or the stuff invoiced on to the Artemis account went elsewhere.
I am sure it was for good and we gave it away for a very special price.
Anyway, thanks for reading the blog

raven289 hat gesagt…

Sorry, Fred, maybe I should have been a bit more precise : There has no epoxy been used on the hull, like with other restoration projects.
Not sure of the rest.

raven289 hat gesagt…

Now I've got it - to gum the deck to the hull Epoxy from CTM has been used instead of ordinary timber adhesive. That's it. Sorry for confusion.