Freitag, Oktober 12, 2007

Counting down...

Counting down the hours like Koos,(Dutch Mothie, Koos)who said it all in a nice piece of text. Wanted to hit the road now for the 4-5 hours drive. Trouble is there are big traffic jams in front of the River Elbe tube at present. Just got a call that the queue is abt. 15km long. Better surfing the web for speed tips (on the Moth) instead of queuing up with all those holiday makers. Autumn school holiday is what causes this problem. Check in again next week for the regatta report from Koos and the one from myself. Koos, who wants to achieve a good result due to his long time Mothing (and recently jumping on to the Foiler Moth) and I will try not to come last due to only Foiler Mothing a couple of days sofar.

And by the way: Found interesting Moth news from Dubai. (Dubai Mothie, Chris) Chris hasen´t got his Bladerider Moth yet, he is anxiously waiting. Read about the Dubai sailing, which during our European winter is one of the best venues to go. If only there would not be such high shipping costs and waiting lists for shipping space due to the massive developments going on in the UAE.

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