Freitag, September 28, 2007

Tillermeister, where are you?

Did I beat you on the line today putting again a zero behind my age. Leaving the "roaring" fifties? And the plan is to take part in a Laser-regatta on the weekend, to please you and my other readers. No, not thinking that I would be able to beat you in that department. Anyway, I have borrowed an older boat and prepped it yesterday. Will donate the "charter-fee" to the youth group in my club. Hope to be able to write about it.

The pity is that at present we have "land under". A storm from the north-east is sweeping through the north of Germany and our homewater has raised already 1.50m above zero. (NN = normal null in German) That means that most of the dinghies in the club started to drift away on their trailers or without. The trailers and boats which were not fastened to the ground. Two 29ers were catched, whilst drifting away. Lots of wood is on drift as well. Cars which were parked in the boatshed had water already on the cabinfloor. A rescue group from the club is underway and they do not want me to participate as it is my birthday. WTF, I will go out and look after the boats. This is my duty. Duty from the heart.

PS: This had been written on September 28th but due to the many activities on the day, I was unable to publish onto my blog. I have therefore altered the date. And I can tell you now, that I got more than my feet wet by doing some rescue work. More photos of the high water at: Hochwasser at Schlei Segel Club

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