Freitag, August 03, 2007

Vote for Andrew McDougall

You must have heart of him: He is being called Amac by his Aussie friends. The man, the brain behind the Bladerider, a series-production-boat which placed first, second and other top placings in the recent World Championship at Lake Garda. The man on the photo in my last post. I have heart that Andrew spent many nights preparing, upgrading or just repairing boats and he still managed a 6th place in a hotly contested WC. And no, I am not bringing up the age issue. Having a decade more on my back and trying to go out with the brand new Bladerider for the first time today, I will know later today how it feels. I´ll keep you guys out there updated. In the meantime please go to: Seahorse Mag and vote for this great sportsman. A man who brought a vision into production.

For more International Moth newbie information go to: Flying a Moth for starters Fun to read and lot´s of valuable information to the newcomer of flying-this-thing.

The long absence from this blog was due to my sailing holiday in the Baltic Sea. Lot´s of trouble to get away, to get started but in the end we left our homewaters a week after the ETS had been set. Nevertheless some awesome experience, lots of wind and two days of rain from early morning till midnight. Some stories might be told later.


Anonym hat gesagt…

"Nevertheless some awesome experience, two days of rain from early morning till midnight."

Only two days? You had luck.

Anonym hat gesagt…

hi manfred,
keep us updated - your fellow reader want to know what it feels like to be on the bladerider...
is it a) "i believe i can fly"
or is it b) "yellow submarine"
what can you tell us?

Fred hat gesagt…

Thanks for reading. So I think I have to write about it on my blog. Would be easier if not so much pressure from work. One word abt. my last three evenings: It is really worth the bruises which "we" got. Please check in later.