Mittwoch, August 29, 2007

Der Durchbruch - Foilen statt heulen

The breakthrough:
I had my best foiling evening yesterday from 18.30h - 20.30h. Than the wind dropped and with Koos (Flying a Moth for starters ) tipp of releasing the wand I got home nicely. It was kind of a breakthrough for me yesterday. Undisturbed airtime, less capzising, a lot of fun. Going downwind: BIG fun. upwind: Lot´s to learn. Trying the "Veal-heel": I am splashing into the water on the windward site but get back into the boat better than before.

Due to the damaged swivel which might not have hold the wand into place (angle wise) the boat felt sticky and did not want to fly the days before. Thus not much learning. Now with my new (self made, see photo) carbon swivel the boat feels like new. A pity, I did not measure wind, nor GPS speed yesterday.
Never swim around the bow, you might damage the wand mechanism.

Elbows and knees need better protection. Hurts a lot today. Maybe I should sand the deck a little bit.


Anonym hat gesagt…

hallo manfred,
happy to hear you got so much fun with your bladerider.
sounds like you are really getting the hang of it.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Watch out for the knees. Try to practice sitting on your bum instead of on the knees. You might capsize more, but you'll save knee injuries later (speaking from experience of doing this wrong...).

Arne Kraus hat gesagt…

Hi Manfred!

Das hört sich ja gut an! War im September nicht ein Regatta-Event für/mit Motten in der Kieler Förde?