Donnerstag, Juni 03, 2010

Great Moth Racing last Weekend

We had nine participants in the Moth class, racing here on the Schlei last weekend. As you can see from the photo, taken on Sunday, it shows that at least 50% had been lowriding but nevertheless it was racing. If I am turning into a good lowrider, I do not know. One could get the impression. Being the most heavy sailor, I managed to come second, behind Sven our German Moth hero. Unbeatable for the rest of us. At least at present. I think with his new boat he has even gained more advantage to the rest of the fleet. He only faltered in the second race when I had a home run. First for me and 5th of Sven. Our Danish friends also enjoyed the sailing on the Schlei though they expected more breeze here in the north of Germany. Results and some German comments you can find here: Results & Comments We will meet again in Horsens, DK and at Lake Silvaplana at the European´s. I can only hope that I will be able to improve my jibing. With summer now arrived it does not look for much breeze at the next weekend.

Oh, before I forget. Here is one for the music fans. I am going to see Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood tonight. I am not sure if they perform together (didn´t they do in the group called TRAFFIC?) or if they have both single acts with their band. Clapton is not 100% my music but Winwood is a must see. And since I have missed the great concert of the Supergroup Traffic who had Spooky Tooth playing the first act, many, many moons ago, I promised myself to go and see Winwood, the next time he is around. Geeez, is this now 41 years later? Am I sitting in a time machine? Sailing and Music are tw wonderful things which one can perform for a whole lifetime, me thinks.


Koos hat gesagt…

Good job, nailing the foil gybes already? I'm not there yet...

Fred hat gesagt…

Don´t worry Koos, not yet.
For some (like me) it is a long journey, for others, just a walk in the park. We will get there. Step by step.