Freitag, September 04, 2009

Fifty days and more to come...

Yeah, I managed fifty days of sailing despite the trouble which life sometimes throws at you. The weekend before last we had a great Moth regatta at Kuehlungsborn at the Baltic Sea. Very near were Mr. George Bush kissed our Chancelorette, Angela Merkel at a G8 meeting. I mean, I do not want to go political here. Enuf said. The regatta was suffereing a bit under the light wind. We had marginal foiling conditions in the first race and after that only small bubbles of enough wind to get up and going for a minute or so. It paid when one was looking out for the breeze and going into the right direction. I managed this sometimes and at the end was able to score a second overall like in the light wind regatta at Bad Zwischenahn before. A pity that not more Moth sailors, other than the usual five were attending. Thanks again to Alex from Dubai who managed to spend the summer in Germany and to sail two series with us. Hope you get your boat repaired and organized before your season in Dubai starts. Young Alex has style but sometimes a lack of direction. He is not short of enthusiasm for the Moth as myself and next time we will meet, I am sure he will beat me. I figured out that I am abt. 3,6 times older. Something which will pay in the long term for the young guy. Anyway, last Wednesday I took the Bull out for the Wednesday-night-race. And night it was, when we arrived back at the club. A drifter. Barely managing 3.9kn. The boat felt so slow that I thought it must have grown a beard. Leaning over the side it did not feel like there was something. And the speed compared to the other boats had been good. The Kiwi, Rod Simpson, pulling the strings, managed to fly the gennaker even in the lightest of air and we came second behind the X-34. Actually the X-34 was in sight but we did a horizon job on the fleet. (Also on the X-332 which nearly rolled us as you can see in the picture). The results (Yardstick) are not out yet. I guess it will be first or second, but with only one race sofar this season we will end up last overall.

Coming weekend we will have a great Moth regatta in Kiel. Kind á German Championship. The fleet, which had 2 years ago been about thirty boats has shrinked to 15 participants this year. My guess is that only the Foilers will attend in the races. Promising are the many orders for new Foilers which for example Felix (Assasin) and Christian (Bladerider) have in their books. And their might be a third one going for the Mach 2. Rumors are there, but I will not spread it before the news being put out officially. There will be a good breeze on Saturday and I promised myself to hang the butt out hard over the carbon tube (stole that from Bora). At least the first two races before the muscles get sore.

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