Sonntag, April 05, 2009

Updating the Blog...

Not much happening on the water since mid of February, after I packed it in for the winter season. Due to job commitments I did not go sailing in the Swedish Championship, which had been a well organized regatta as far as I had heart but with conditions on the ice only marginal. Anyway this is past time and we are slowly moving into the soft water season.

The Melges 24 sailors from North Germany had asked me if I would run an early season training on the water for them in Flensburg. I said yes and the date was fixed. Running the RIB, laying the marks and maybe help them to get up to speed had been the goal. There were 7 M24s and 3 SB3 boats participating. We set a short windward/leeward leg and I was playing with the startline to get them to find the right side, the windshifts etc. I thought that they are really able to help themselves with trimming and timing their manouvers. It had been a good, but cold and wet Saturday out on the water and I was happy to get home, soaked wet and cold and taking a hot bath first thing.

From Friday until today I was taking part in a rules seminar held by Dave Dellenbaugh (of Speed and Smarts fame) in Langenargen, Lake Bodensee in the south of Germany. Lake Constanz) It had been three extensive days with hours in the "class room" going through the new rules and it s implications on the race course and having on-the-water sessions on Saturday and today. Debriefing and video analyses in the late afternoon. We were divided early in the seminar into 2 groups sailing as a team on the Bavaria 35 Match from the German-Match-Race-Center. The boats were in outstanding good conditions bearing in mind that the only German Grade 1 Matchrace, as well as other professionell Matchraces being sailed on the same boats. A lot of well known skippers had left their name at the back of one of the hatches on the boat which we had got to use. Anyone interested in the rules seminar or Matchrace training should pay a visit to their site:


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Hi Manfred,
warst ja ganz in der Nähe. Bin heut auch auf dem Wasser gewesen. Clubregatta bei den Jollenseglern Reichenau. Kommst Du zum Alfsee? Dann sehen wir uns.
Gruss, Harald

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yo. really like this thread )