Donnerstag, Juni 14, 2007

One Day in Valencia

Just have to send a quick report about my last "non-sailing-event", though it was in the heart of the America's Cup. In Valencia at June 13th. I had been invited earlier this month to the Boat builders Ball from SP, Isle of Wight and my dear friends insisted that I had to come. OK, I arrived yesterday afternoon and went straight to the Estrella Damm Bar with the SP guys. This bar being the meeting point as I had been told and of course there arrived a couple of sailors from the Kiwi camp, Ben Ainsle, Rod Davis and a few guys who's name I do not know (yet). Like being well organized, later in the afternoon, the two Alinghi boats were towed in. They must have been out two boat practising. Later at the party (it only started to buzz at around midnight) I was told by one of the umpires that the Alinghi boats raced each other with umpires and all the works. The Kiwi camp kept a good look on the two boats, they could immediately tell me which one was SUI 100 and which one the SUI 91. I would need a few days adjusting to it but of course, they are watching these boats with eagles eyes. ...I heard it through the grapevine: Four STP 65´s are currently under construction. "Rosebud" being ready to sail the next days. One belonging to a German Owner. Ex Admiral's cup winner. The second German IAC Yacht will get the number GER-101. Construction is well under way. Alinghi coming out of tacks a couple of seconds faster than ETNZ. Also not necessary to bear away so much with SUI-100 to get back up to speed after tacking. Some insiders gave it 5:0 to Alinghi, I expect much closer racing and hopefully a ninth decider race, going to the Kiwis. The underdogs, who have hopefully kept their best weapons in the shed sofar. I'll let you know more when I am back from visiting Valencia again for third final race on June 26th with all my team here at CTM.

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