Donnerstag, Dezember 14, 2006

New kid on the blog...

Having had not much time going into blogland lately, I was pleased to see a comment by Burki in my blog. He seemed to like the idea of blogging so much that he started 3 blogs. One is named "thefridge" , hmm, what does it mean. I thought actually, it is named the "fridge door" and maybe he wants to tell us about his unhappy days on a Laser. One must know that he has turned into a speed windsurfer, though I know that he had been one of the best crews one could find in Germany. Not only on the wire of a 14 footer but also in Keelboats where he sailed with Jochen Schümann (of Alinghi fame) in a couple Match Races. I think that he also won the Champion of Champions Series in a PIRAT (like the Snipe) dinghy some years ago.

Burki has changed into a Speedsurfer and he showed me some interesting devices and computer programms about the way these Speedsurfers are listing and reporting their data on to the Internet. Maybe you find some information on his pages, which I am going to link. The windsurfers are only racing against the clock (should I say GPS?), whilst we sailors are normally sailing against another or other boats. I have the feeling that we can learn from the Speedsters, from what Burki had shown to me. There had not been enough time at his last visit and I do hope that we can spend more time when he is over here, in the North of Germany. Or maybe, as Burki suggested, in spring 2007 at the Cote á Azur. If I am not able to manage the linking today, goto:

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