Sonntag, November 05, 2006

HANSEBOOT, the International Moth and our booth

Hanseboot boatshow started last Saturday and my company is participating since I have found it 22 years ago. This year we had to change the location due to the extensive rebuilt of the whole area. The old halls are being teared down and the Hamburg Messe is building new, really large halls for exhibitions of all kind. The fair ground is most known to seafarers, be it professionals or amateurs for it’s Ship, Machine and Ocean Technology exhibition as well as for the boat show with an in water part in the Hamburg harbour. Boats of all kinds are exhibited and one of the stars of the show had been the new HANSE 63 in a fascinating apricot colour for a client from the US east coast. This thing is really huge. OK, in the water down at the marina they have a SWAN-80-something and other big boats but as an exhibitor myself I do not have time to drive down to the harbour. Also the weather this week is really bad and the temperature is soaring around 0° C since Thursday. Better to stay in inside.

To me the most exciting boat on the show is the Bladerider, exhibited by my sailing friend Christian (onSail) who represents the RS range of products and he struck a deal with Rohan Veal, the former World Champion of the International Moth class, to come and join him on the show and to give a bit of interviews and to promote the „flying Moth“. Their stand is opposite our own one and you can imagine that since Friday evening when we where all rigging our booths, I could not take my eyes of this little craft. After a good night sleep in Hamburg in my Van and a bit of discussions with my colleagues early in the morning, I took the chance to talk to Christian and Rohan at exact one minute after the opening of the show and ordered a Bladerider. Yes, my friends. I will be able to report to you first hand experience about sailing this most exciting sailing boat of the century. Of course you have to wait until the late spring next year. I am getting in to DN iceboat mode first and we DN´ers al hope for cold season with black ice. (see also my entries from Jan 06 and further) Sailing the Moth later next year, I need to do a bit of slimming down, loosing weight and a better fitness, but it is motivating. Not that I can see myself sailing somewhere in the middle fleet in the International Moth´s World Championship to be held in Dubai in 2008, but the plan is set. Practise and have fun as much as possible and to get the license to foil as quick as possible.

It happened that an old windsurfing buddy came along in my office some days before the “hanseboot”. Werner of the famous Wernerfinne had developed a foil for his windsurfer. He even brought to me a video, which shows him riding high on the foil. Of course we did exhibit the foil and we promoted Werner´s marketing phrase “Foilen statt heulen”… So this part of hall 12 became a “Foiler” corner and I am sure that a couple of people caught the bug and will join us next year, or maybe later.

For my blogger friends out there, I was able to convince Rohan to write a short paragraph into my blog. Here it goes, “live from the hanseboot Boatshow:

This is Rohan here writing a quick spot on Manfred´s blog. Not sure what I am supposed to write, but for someone who is nearly twice my age, Manfred seems like he is still living as a teenager! And not only did he buy a boat from us, but he makes frequent visits to our booth to introduce me to a potential moth sailor or helps sell boats to interested customers. Just wondering how long it will be before Manfred will start working for KA and take over my job? Ah well, hopefully I can still take him out on the race course! Maybe not on the DN tho…
Rohan Veal


Tillerman hat gesagt…

Good for you Manfred. Looking forward to seeing some video of you foil-riding in your Moth.

And ask your friend Christian when we are going to see more of the RS range in the USA. (I think that only the Feva is available here right now.)

Anonym hat gesagt…

hi manfred,

great to hear you've got yourself one of the new toys. i'm looking forward to hear all the stories about the learning curve to ride that puppy... ;-)

how about a trip to the south of france in early spring for a little training camp? i'll join in with some more wind driven toys.

good luck and "hals und beinbruch"


Fred hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comment. Sorry haven´t realized that you are running your own blog. Will link to it later. good info for us sailors. Always keen to get different opinions and ideas.
As my Compu GURU, do you know how I can track back a "lost" Post?? Lost the one from 3rd of October. My own fault.
@Tillerman: Thanks for commenting. RS-Range in the US?? Christian is only the German distributor. Haven´t seen any RS representitives during hanseboot show. My heart is bleeding. Should I try to improve on the RS700 (boat actually still in Dubai, transport costs to Germany are high) or start something new: foiling. They say: the more speed, the less sail you need. For now, spring is a long time away.

FLix hat gesagt…

Das sieht ja verdammt nach Campari-Orange auf dem Messe Tisch aus! Lecker! Sehn wir uns D'Dorf oder früher? Cheers Flix

Fred hat gesagt…

mit Argusaugen den CO entdeckt.
METS hatte mich erstmal niedergeworfen. Rennt man da durch A´dam und bekommt naße Haare und naße Schuhe (wieder nur ein paar Docksides mit, wie blöd). D´dorf nur als Besucher. Wär nett mal wieder mit G-107 im Santa Fee oder so...