Dienstag, September 26, 2006

Sailing the Dinghy

This blog shall not be dead, no. Instead of writing, I am househunting. Whoever has done this, know´s what I am talking about. I am on the hunt since 6-8 month and a couple projects have slipped away. Some others were "rip off´s". Now my projects, left in the bag, are getting closer to the water. The Schleifjord which I had shown in a previous thread.

Nevertheless the weekends are devoted to sailing and after doing the Sportsboat thing in Flensburg it was time to change back into the singlehand dinghy for some basics. We had three one-design Seggerling´s on the starting line and a couple of yardstick boats, from IC (International Canoe) to Skiffs. A very good regatta on a nice lake between Rostock and Berlin, roughly speaking. It is one of our favourite lakes for DN iceboating and many championships have been sailed there. Maybe one of the reasons not writing immediately after the weekend had been my "loss to the girl". She beated me and my other sailing mate on the water with better height and better speed. She was really good in moderate to strong wind but unbeatable on the Sunday with medium winds. Maybe we practised too much with her. Besides some rough moments mentally, during the race, of course we cheered her and felt that she deserved it. She shows amazing tacks and an amazing happiness once she is out there on her own boat. I have a photo which proves it all but have to get permission first to put it on here.

On the other side of planning and not sailing, I must say, that I am hooked on the Swift SOLO. I got somehow into their mailer and they keep me informed about things going on. I am trying to convince 3-4 guys here in the office or from the sailing club, that we should purchase kits and start building them during wood/epoxy seminars. This boat not only attracts me from the beauty of the wood work but also the lightness and the way the guys are handling it in the videos. Them who knows have seen it. For the other ones I will put a link in here later. I have to hit the road but did not want to leave you in the dark.
  • Swift SOLO homepage
  • Eehm, this is about sailing but just a short one about a film, which I saw the other day. I got the "World´s fastest Indian" from a friend who visited me, coming home to Europe from New Zealand. Really worth looking it. It gave me tears, shivers and happiness. All you want to get from a movie. A great happy end and a lection that "you can do it".

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