Donnerstag, Juli 04, 2013

Moth World´s in Hawaii 2013

No excuse for not blogging since long time. Life had some cross roads for me and I am still not sure if I took the right exit. But all is coming together and as I thought since long about the opportunity to sail the Moth´s WC in Hawaii this year, I had searched for a web page yesterday and with the help of Mike L. and Scott B., I did find the link behind the Nathan O. photo on the IMCA website. To make live more easy for myself and for you Moth guys out there, I have put a direct link on the right side as usual. I should definitely increase my small amount of Moth sailing and do more exercise, but it ain´t easy, mate. I will attend the Euro Cup regatta at Lake Walchensee, which I am looking forward to. So, all in all a good day today. Have put my entries down for two upcoming big Moth events, have booked the flights and hopefully the accomodations will be accepted. Now it is about preparation of myself and the boat. Business as usual but more difficult with age.

As I have two great MACH2 boats (with all options) at present due to lifes circumstances, I am willing to sell one directly after the Worlds in Hawaii. Anyone out there reading this, should request for details and pricing. It will be a good opportunity to purchase a boat which had not been sailed much and which is upgraded with RHA and Adjustable Wand.

For my friends out there, following the AC, and I am excited about the racing to begin (hopefully) here is agood shot showing the asymetrical rudder rom ETNZ. Every Moth sailor will understand what Dean Barker said about "a man falling overboard and maybe being sliced by the rudder foil if sticking out of max boat width". And I am sure these asy rudders need special reinforcements and I cannot understand the dispute which we have as per today in the AC. I am happy that my Moth and Sails are being measured and class legal. 

Smooth sailing everyone out there!

Photo Credit goes to Chris Cameron of ETNZ

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